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Leaf edges curling up in 600w dwc

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    Leaf edges curling up in 600w dwc

    I’m riding the newbie struggle bus. I’ve got
    2 autoflowering sativas at 18 days
    600w mh @ about 32,000 lux
    5gal dwc w/top feed
    using GH flora trio + calmag + hydroguard
    Reservoirs were just changed today
    tent humidity is at about 50%

    Ive been reading for hours. My ladies are so vibrant and healthy looking, I don’t know where to start with correcting whatever is happening here. It’s gotten noticeably worse since the reservoir change 5-6 hours ago. Can plants be over watered in dwc? I’ve got 3 gallons in my 5 gallon buckets. If it’s nutrient burn, would I see changing colors too or not necessarily? I did small damage to the front fan leaf on my largest lady. Is that enough to do this? I took them out of their buckets to clean and change water. They waited in a small amount of plain tap water with a humidifier until they could go back home. Opinions please?

    Heat and or light stress, not to bad maybe lift the light a bit.


      Howdy Kayjan, You did not say what the water temperature is nor the pH of the water. Do Your grow bucket not have a drain valve at the bottom? Removing the plants to drain or top off the nutrients could be stressing the plants, not to mention the problems that will be when the root ball gets full size! The plant (shown) looks relatively healthy, but placing them in plain, unpH ed water could shook them. I would also recommend replacing all of the clear tubing with black or opaque tubing to help block out any possible light intrusion into the buckets. Even a small amount of light can start algae and root rot to grow especilly at temperatures above 70° F.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        Ok, I’ve revamped my set up to get cooler temps and remove all light leaks... there were a lot. Now that the environment has been corrected, do I need to do another reservoir change right away so they have fresh mute water? I will no longer need to move them during reservoir changes, but would another change so soon be more beneficial or harmful?
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          My greatest problem with my first grows was trying too much too quickly (nearly killed a couple of plants by 'chasing' the pH up and down!). Just let them be and keep a close eye on them, patience is one of the best tools a gardener can posses. Just keep the water temperature down and well aerated, feed them , and change out the water every week (oh, and top off the reservoirs at mid week with pH ed water).

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