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    Manifold question

    I have ran a manifold the way nebula shows in the tutorial. Was wondering if I ran on like nug bucket and split it to 16 arms if it would be worth it. I dont mind the extra time it may take in veg.

    Found this page if you scroll down it will show you how to do the 16 main cola manifold

    says After waiting for the 8 mains to grow out a bit, you can prune / top again for 16 mains, like this plant

    i would think it would be worth it if you got room

    also says Remember! More main colas is not necessarily better. For most setups, I’ve found that 8 or 16 main colas is the optimal number. Unless you’re growing in a ScrOG setup, more mains usually won’t result in bigger yields, but those plants do take longer in the vegetative stage.
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      I have a 4x4 gorilla tent they will be in. My light has even coverage from wall to wall with no drop off in ppfd. So I am going to give it a try.


        If you want to take this technique to the next level, you need to do like we do out here - Secrets of the Westcoast Masters -

        Definitely worth the read for anyone who enjoys this type of training.


          Oh yeah, just click on the blue "introduction" link on that page and you'll be able to read the whole book from there. Page 185 has a diagram of how the branch structure will be mapped out, but there is much to read before that.


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