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Defoliation before flower

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    Defoliation before flower

    Going to take some leaves off before switch to 12 12 if i take all the big fans leaves off will the other leaves turn into fans leaves in the strech or should i leave top 2 fan leaves or just leave one here or there or just take really big ones off i bèn taking leaves off through veg they just grew back with a vengeance wouldnt think i took the amount i have any advice would be great thanks

    No, the others won't turn into fan leaves. I do recommend defoliation to create good airflow through the canopy but the leaves are solar panels that drive your plants growth. So I don't go very heavy, but enough to see some light shine on the ground. Any of the fan leaves that have yellowing, I pull. Some people try and tuck the leaves to the side instead of take them off if trying to get more light to a budsite. There is definitely a wide range for "what is right" but you can definitely take it too far.


      Ye thaks mate i know dont take to much so i better taking a selection of leaves through out the plant when do u take the bottom growth off that in shadow after about 3weeks of flower or when the strech ends cheers mate


        I try and defoliate two weeks before going into flower and then two weeks after starting flower, still in the three week stretch period. I take more the first time and less the second time. Second time is usually to maintain airflow.

        Any leaves below my lowest branch I generally take off the first time, I don't want low leaves covering the soil and creating damp pockets of air. I also cut a lot of my lower branches off as well the first time, if they are more than 10" from my highest tops.


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          That just answered a few of my concerns. My autos are nearing the end of week 2 flower. I have s hard time watering because all the leaves. Like they are super bushy. I'll start thinning out the bottoms.

        • ChadWestport
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          Awesome! I do like to have it clear above my soil for IPM reasons and in regards to them being solar panels too, they are also the furthest from the sun. So the net loss isn't as much as something like taking off the top fan leaves.

        Oh, and I will take more off with two weeks left of flower to open up bud sites. I figure at this point I am flushing and the plant already has the power it needs to complete it's task. But again, I don't go too heavy on it.



          Ive always defoliated but not to this extent. Followed her instructions last two grows with great results. Leave the very top pair of fan leaves, remove all of the rest the day I switch to 12/12. Then strip again wk 3.
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            Yeah I plan to it that way with my 4 I'm vegging now.

          Got a photo?
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