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  • MeEasy
    I like to give em a good qt or so of ph water once every 3-5 days I go by feel of the soil if it's dry to about an inch deep they need water and if they need water before 3 days then you give more water not more often

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  • Airies11
    started a topic Repotted


    Good day to all! Transferred my girls into their big pots last night. Feel a little apprehensive as to their progress, as they a few weeks olds now. Worried they maybe dwarfing as they stopped growing so fast. Still feeling our way along the learning path. Hope to have them outside all day everyday in the next week or so, and just bring them in at night. How many mils of water should they drink (b given) a day now they in bigger pots? They were potted in a combination of coir, potting mix, and perlite, and gave them a little drink of blood and bone. Any advice welcome, photos provided
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