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Found this little drying rack gem on amazon

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  • ChadWestport
    Nice, I like the idea of that hanging rack. Still keeps buds close enough to not dry out as quickly, but not touching and maybe keeping in too much moisture. Good job on the grow too!

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  • Shankemdirty
    started a topic SOIL Found this little drying rack gem on amazon

    Found this little drying rack gem on amazon

    just harvested one of my auto flower plants and thought i would show my new hang drying rack instead of me having to craft something to hang them up i bought this for $27 DUOFIRE Stainless Steel Folding Clothes Drying Racks | Laundry Drip Hanger for Drying Clothes, Towels, Underwear, Lingerie, Socks (66-Clip

    Now i got both a Drying rack for popcorn nugs and a hang drying rack Ignore the small amount of cannabis would of filled the rack up but i only grew one autoflower while i let my feminized plants veg they have gotten taller then i ever had them but i still got alot of space for the flower stretch i also tried some new stuff to increase resin production and i did get good results as the auto flower is way more frosty then the grow before.

    Ignore the rushed trimming job in photos i did not have alot of time i will retrim when they finish drying lol
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