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    SOIL First Grow - Flowering Tips

    I am about 30 days into flower on my first grow and wanted to get an idea of when to start flushing my plant. I let her veg for about 45 days to reduce my overall grow time.. I'm not sure what strain it is tbh, I found it in an old bag

    She's in fox farm ocean forest using fox farms grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom..

    I bought a electronic microscope to check out the trichromes and they still are pretty clear white.

    When should i start flushing her to play it safe?

    I prefer about 20% amber trichomes so I start flushing once I see any amber. If you wanted less amber then to be safe start flushing once there’s hardly any clear. It’s really a personal choice. If it’s your first grow start flushing early then you can harvest the plant in different stages to compare the buzz then you’ll have a better gauge

    When most of the pistols have turned red and started curling in is a good time to start checking with a loupe or microscope
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    In veg under SP150
    Glueberry OG
    Pineapple Chunk
    Bubba Kush x 2
    Hindu Kush x 2

    In flower under ES180 x 2
    Pineapple Chunk
    Purple Haze x 2


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