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    Good morning! So my current grow (Aurora) has about a month left before Harvest. I was looking up what Aurora's typical average yield should be. I was surprised to see up to 450g. Even if listed slightly lower 380-400g I still would be scratching my head.

    My plant has nice colas but not thick and fat the way I'd LIKE them to be and certainly doesn't appear to be in that high range for yield unless it explodes in the next month. My other handful of grows have been in 5 gal cloth pots using Fox Farm Ocean/Happy Frog Mix. The lighting has been SF2000 (I grow indoors in an extra closet and walls of closet are lined with reflective mylar) I use General Hydroponics Trio for this current grow. All of my end results always seem to be very healthy but buds are on the light and fluffy side. I know it could be the strain too. I've added molasses as well.

    Is it indeed the strain, some special nutrient boost im missing or human error?
    Thanks in advance


    Personally I'd lean toward human error. Reason I say that is because a friend and i are growing the same clones from the same mothers. I'm looking at about a pound per, and he is looking at 1.5-2 per. He has much more experience and his ground has had more work done to it, so there are only really two different variables, dirt quality and experience, otherwise they are producing the same quality buds, mine are just smaller. I could of course be wrong, but that's what makes sense to me.


      OK for me the GH line is intended for hydro, I dont use it so I could be wrong! I do use Roots Organics Uprising Grow then ' Bloom if my soil depletes.
      Pics will help in normal light, so we can read your plant.
      Genetics are always in play, as is everything you do right or wrong. The buds swell up in the last X weeks (X is a variable determined by what the grower likes, for me X would be 3+ weeks over what the breeder claims). Also the breeders claims of weight are under the best conditions.
      SF2000, 392 actual watts in a 2' X 4" pattern, how many plants under it?


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        Very well could be better information than mine, points out the difference between indoor and outdoor experience for sure.

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