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New grower moving indoor plant outdoors.

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    SOIL New grower moving indoor plant outdoors.

    Sup guys, a friend of mine gave me a clone from his Jolly Rancher plant. He was growing it indoors, it already rooted etc.
    The thing is. I don't have an indoor setup. I live in the west coast, the sun is strong af. could I transition it outside slowly partly by shade, and afterwards get all the sun possible? Or support it with artificial lightning for any missing sunlight?
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    Place it outside in the shade for a few days and see how the plant likes it. If she reaches towards the light then it’s ready for some sun


    • Marcomposition
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      Thank you bro! I am placing it next to my open window, direct sunlight doesn't really hit that spot but there's enough light. I hope I can monitor it closely this way and move it to my garden afterwards.

    • 9fingerleafs
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      nice, you can increase light everyday during a week and then just leave it where the most sun hits

    Yeah - what 9fingers said - but I would put in the sun as much as possible right away.
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    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      Thank you guys! I have it next to my window atm
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