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Serious plant problems in flowering stage

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    Serious plant problems in flowering stage

    Dear growers community,

    I'm a first time indoor grower and am having some serious issues that i can't fix, so any help would be much appreciated.
    It was growing fine, even after the flowering had started it was doing fine but a few days ago the leaves started curling up and inward, and drying out.

    I'm using a Viparspectra 300w, humidity is at 47%, temp is around 30°C, i have a inline fan to supply outside air and a fan inside for circulation, Ph is at 7 and have given it 2 waterings with Plagron bloom.

    I've already had to toss out 1 plant, please help!

    Thank a bunch!

    Drop the PH to 6.5, the edges of the leaves have some light/heat stress, the leave tips seem to say to much nitrogen.
    What else are you feeding, the schedule and strength?
    Did this start with the new nute?


    • Rwise
      Rwise commented
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      I have read N can be reduced with black strap 3 tablespoons to a gallon of water.

    • Newbgrower78
      Newbgrower78 commented
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      Hi Rwise,
      Thanks for your reply!!!
      Not feeding it anything else, the water is rain water mostly some bottled water is added , no real schedule, i just feel the soil if it's dry (2 inches deep) the I water it. Strength is as recommended 4ml/1L of water.
      To your second question, it started about a week after the second feeding.
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