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what is the best time in flowering to increase light to improve yield?

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    what is the best time in flowering to increase light to improve yield?

    I know what you are thinking, just give it as much light as possible.

    I'm putting 2 auto's into a tent and taking 2 out every month so I have 3 groups of plants at any time. One set between 0-30 days, one set between 30-60 days and one set between 60-90 days. Each is under it's own light but I can afford to steal a little extra light from the 0-30 day plants and give it to either the 30-60's or 60-90's. So my question is should I give the extra light to the 30-60's or 60-90's, is it better to up the light for the earlier or later part of flowering? I've been increasin the light to the 60-90's so far because it seems like they should increase in light as they go but are they actually doing more of the growing in the 30-60 day portion of their grow?

    you are doing what I would do, the weeks they’re actually making buds it’s when the most light should be provided


      As soon as I see buds are formed I dimm my light up on full power.
      Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
      You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        Cheers guys, I was definitely going to give more light during flowering but the question is whether it's the first part or second part of flowering that would create a better yield. The dimmer thing isn't really an option because it is a single tent with various plants at all growth stages, seedling to flowering... It's kind of redundant now as I have just replaced my 3 x 60w COB blurple cheapy lights with a single Mars Hydro SP3000 so I can't tilt one of the lights because it's a single unit.


          For best results, once they have a couple of nodes give them as much light as you can (within reason, obviously don't burn the shit out of 'em). More light in veg = bigger plants and bigger plants = bigger yields. I just did a bit of not-very-scientific experimenting this time doing a decent sized auto run and I can clearly see differences in the plants that were vegged closer to the bulb and moved away vs plants vegged further from the bulb and moved in. I started out with 4 rows of 4 in a nice square under the light which is a vertical mounted HPS bulb in a parabolic reflector. The 4 plants making up a square in the center of the group grew considerably faster and were getting too close to the bulb so I moved those 4 to outside edge and moved the shortest 4 into the center to be closest to the bulb and also oriented the rest to get the group a fairly even amount of light and distance from the bulb. Basically as they grew they created a cone of growth in the middle toward the light and I tried to create a bowl. The plants that started on the inside (closer to the light) and ended up on the outside (further from the light) ended up bigger and yielded more.

          They say more light during flower is a good thing and I totally agree with that but I believe that you will get bigger plants and higher overall yields if you give them as much light as you can as soon as you can, especially with autoflowers.

          Long story short I'm not saying to reduce the light in flower but to increase the light in veg from the very beginning.


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