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Are my Buds supposed to look like this? 5 and a half week flower

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    Are my Buds supposed to look like this? 5 and a half week flower

    I previously made a post about having one of my plants herm, and everyone said I should cut it down but I refused. I love my plants like children. I pinched off the few nutsacks it had and didn’t see any more, but it’s possible I could’ve missed some. So anyways, is this what bud 5.5 weeks into flower is supposed to look like, or is this a pic of a developing seed inside? I see this little oval shaped things on various bud sites but not all of them. They are very sticky and smell good but they look like the size of cannabis seeds so I’m worried (but seeded bud is better than no bud, right? :/ ). I cracked a couple open and saw nothing inside.

    Here’s what they look like.

    Both the plant that was suspected of herming and her (hopefully) non-herm sister have these on various areas but I don’t see them everywhere. Others just look normal with the telltale white hairs.

    I’m also concerned because the plant in this picture is supposed to be a Critical Purple Kush from Seedsman, so it should have some Purple genetics, but I only see green outside of the grow light’s reflection. Color isn’t my top priority really but it would be nice to see some purple, is it normal to not see purple on the buds or leaves in the 5th week of flower? She’s got 3-4 more weeks left I think. Could a certain nutrient or lack thereof be the cause? Every picture of any weed strain with purple in the name has noticeable bits of purple, sometimes even on the leaves.

    Thank you guys for all your help! Can’t wait to harvest what is my biggest grow yet (even if I fucked up here and there).
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    I want to start off by saying way to go in sticking up for your hermie plant and growing it anyways!! It has trichomes and hairs so id say itll get ya a headchange anyway. But im gonna tell you that when you dry it, it wont amount to much, ive growed buds that have been big as a baseball bat and when they dry they arent big around as a 50c piece.

    You are correct on the seeded bud part. If it does grow seeds than they are most likely inmature right now.

    You have to watch out also if you have them with other plants, you dont want to pollinate your girls... that would be the only reason i wouldve cut it down in the beginning. I say this because it sucks growing plants for 5 months just to harvest mediocre seedy buds. I have seen hermies throw pollen in the air before so that is the only thing i would watch out for!!!

    Great job keeping up with the teansgender tho man. The buds dont look correct by no means, but they are your plants and you growed it. So congrats Click image for larger version

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      Yeah, that’s the problem. I have another plant that as far as I know hasn’t hermed. However, I just didn’t want to chop her. Her pollen sacks looked very small and underformed. I only found pollen when I crushed two of them in my hands.

      However, the good news is I’m going to clone the non-Hermie plant twice. If it did accidentally get pollinated, would cloning it be a good idea?

      And what I also meant to ask is if the parts in the picture looked like where seeds would be developing in the worst case scenario. Not all parts of the plant have them so that’s good!

    Yep seedy weedy all energy going into those. In the future post without the purple pinky lights on very hard to view issues but seedy bud is more pronounced. Sorry for the grow.
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      You do have seeds, I toss hermied seed myself, at least for the plant that made the balls. I would remove any seed from what you plan to clone then let it recover from that then clone away! Seeds on it will make it harder to clone (flowers too) as it will try to finish the seed and not make root, good luck!


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