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Guess Leaves are getting spots, early growth plants

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    HELP! Guess Leaves are getting spots, early growth plants

    Hello everybody! Greetings to you all. (Also hope you guys doing great)

    I'm always with a lots of open tabs from GWE site like a handbook manual and i'm paying lots of attention to those below lately:
    Complete List of ALL Cannabis Growing Problems This is everything we’ve got in one long list! Cannabis deficiencies and other cannabis leaf symptoms can be a headache for any grower....

    Use our cannabis growing problem pictures and interactive plant doctor tool to quickly diagnose your sick marijuana plants! Click the pictures below to learn about a marijuana problem, deficiency or symptom & get the solution! Still having trouble? Consult our 5-Step Remedy to 99% of Cannabis Growing Problems​​. Click here to see ALL cannabis plant...

    This 5-step tutorial walks you through the process of diagnosing your sick cannabis plants. Solves 99% of growing problems in 10 minutes!

    Not to mention todays mailing list mail [GWE] Pests and Bugs and Eggs! Oh my! i'm getting more aware/paranoid, and i guess the plants are trying to say something, maybe?

    It's not that is visible bugs around (none in soil or under leafs or stems), but since i'm taking a good look and last 2 days i started noticing these, that kind looks like a different color (from the whole leaf color point of view) spots in the leafs of two different plants, same strain.

    (wind burn?? these are not strong fans, but the space is a compartment in a bigger tent, i aim the wind at the CFL lamp, it has 3 spaces, so i would use these for small plants and has 30cm width x 60cm deep x 67cm height with a CFL 65w philips twitster high lumen)
    in the end i really wish just being paranoid, slap me and sent me home if so.

    Follows the setup picture, dont mind the center plant, we talking the two at the top left, bigger ones, except the one in the center biggest of all.
    Its not bronze or yellow, just a brighter shade of green. Follows close up of the leaves. Thank you all in advance.

    I didn't do anything different, after they sprouted i made a transition to a jiffy and then to the 400ml cups they`re are now (does the cups ok if they're transparent/clear/like glass?) and i put them all in the tiny space before moving to the other larger space 60x60x135cm with a 135w qb which i haven't yet.

    I'm using all Nebulas work by the book, coco with perlita (70/30%), flora trio with calimagic (again Nebulas schedule with non imperial mesurements, used google for conversions, not that math smart lol) 2.5ml/2.5ml/0.5ml/5.0ml (2nd Micro, 3rd Gro, 4th Bloom, 1st CALiMAGic) per 3.7L, 2nd week early growth, 65w CFL for now, but i can move them to the 135w qb larger compartment if needed. i feed in between 3 days.

    The temperature been in the 22/32C (just peaks, mostly in the 23/28C) and humidty i took a while to realise i needed a humidifier since here we have a dry climate in this time of the year, it went up from 23% until 74%, but i know i need to be in the 55% or so for the veg and 45% in the veg, 70% for clones; been 4 days straight i've been monitoring it close in order to maintain it.

    I try to open the tent door as little as possible (just to take a look in the morning and when feeding, and i let two side screened windows opened in the tent (temperature seems lower like this) i close it when the music is over and i turn off the lights. sorry the doors anyone??

    To Shiela from the Whos Talking section, just come, here are the most lovely persons and its the most warmest place in all these social platforms, FOR REAL!

    Thanks once again and sorry for the disturbance in the English. : )
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    Hello and welcome to the GWE forum. I will try and help, your English is great your spelling is great understanding everything you have written except for the Celsius thing i need a conversion chart i know F not C but no matter others here do. Now as the leaf like that back one is growing far out of container you do need to get it into it's final pot. Roots don't like light at all they like darkness from now on. Get them transplanted, what is the strain? Are they Photo or Auto plants? You don't feed too much for the first month after transplant i will wait a week or so see how they react if i damaged the roots. If all is well feed them. I do not add bloom at this point just grow nutrients or good organic soil with lots of plant loving composted material in it OK the mix looks good for soil your using.


      Hey once again SoOrbudgal
      Thank you for you response and sorry i missed it.

      It's not a well known breeder but says it's a Fem-Photo Blueberry (Crazyterps Crazy Berry - Blueberry FEM x Cannaplant MAL). They on a 18/6 (CFL and stuff).

      If i wrap it around some material to make it light proof (thinking tinfoil), so i can make more use of it? (does the plant grows better in smaller containers? and gradually moving on?)

      i still have a (4x) round 5L all dark garden container to make use before its final container a (4x) 20L 30x30cm square fabric pot.

      If its really need be this way i'll do it, i have everything already prepared, just thought it would take longer, time-wise.
      Either way the 5L or the 20L, we're moving to the HGL 135w v2 compartment, this little area can't take more than 2 big pots.

      I'm aiming for a 4 plant flowering space as instructed before on other post.

      [LITTLE EDIT] I forgot to tell, the PH and EC side of things aren't working YET, cause i need to go out to order distilled water to calibrate those things first, i got the measure device, still to turn them on for the first time. ( I did a little offline testing with my aquarium test it said to be 6,2 but was just for the lolz )
      And the center plant may be a male, as soon as i check it (preflowers) i will remove it from there, Its a brickweed (prensado) seed.

      Thanks one love.
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        Ok Chief!

        Sorry if i don't get straight way what's you saying for me to do it. IN no way i'm arguing or questioning your help, my questions were more like we're were talking exchanging ideas.

        I'm ended up like this, the plant you were worried is a brickweed seed, i don't know if it's female yet, so i was pushing her (without much care, but she's doing great) and seeing it's reaction...

        The one bleached in the leaf points were transplanted too, i'm going to pay attention to her and see what's going. Today is day 3 since i did it all, also calibrated the PH pen and it's reading 6.4, i guess it was a little low before that, like 4.5...

        The seedlings i covered up with tinfoil just to let it root a little more before it make to those all dark garden pots, i'll try to keep it all before moving to the flowering tent cause i may try to keep some bonsai mothers (at least 1 from each strain) and the others going to flowering.

        So let me ask, i left Flora Bloom out for now? After week 4 you think is a good idea to bring it back?

        AND does i need to just water it (with plain water), or i can always water with nutrients? (or follows the 1 plain water for each 3 nutrient feeding as instructed per general hydroponics)

        Does it need to get something sprayed on it's leafs? Cannabis plants like it?? (i guess its called Foliar Irrigation)

        The best moment for me to choose who's going to be a mom is before i would switch to 12/12, instead i keep it veggie on 18/6, is it correct?

        Once again sorry for my "accent" or the lack of. thank you!
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          Oi Jennifer28 !!! Thanks, cause it's half learned at school half self taught, and i know i lack lot of grammar or something.

          I'm posting another close up of the leaves it's where i'm touching.

          And it probably could be, cause it's my first ever grow, even tho i'm reading GWE for two years, i'm sure and confident that i'll left something out and will screw up sometime.

          I have just managed to get a good reading at my PH levels, actually this last watering was the first one after like 20 days since first sprout. Flushing is where i just water with plain water right?

          The seed was almost the first thing i could get my hands on, cause here in my country is totally against the law, even the seed i guess, so i tried to find where it was already inside my country, i wished for some seedsman or so, i even managed to find those already here, it's going to be on my next cycle. it was just what i could get hands on.

          I'm growing a #3 Bluedream also (as in the article you sent), 2 blueberry and 2 gold retriever (all from this same breeder)

          Thank you for your message!
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          • SoOrbudgal
            SoOrbudgal commented
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            Those sound like great strains your getting those new ones. You could transplant that one into it's final pot the one with the tip issue it's not so bad to worry about more need to transplant at this time get out of clear cups.

          Hello guys, Jenna, Orb, everyone!

          This time i just want to give back, let me say how beautiful when two things go hand in hand with each other, 1st is how wonderful nature itself IS and 2nd how it's so well documented at the GWE site.

          This saturday i woke up and started my watering routine, the first plant i got to care was the 'brickweed' i'm pushing the limits to get to know it all better without screwing my good strain plants, all i'm gonna say below has happened in a 1 hour window, since i first started notice, till i managed to recover it (yES believe in me, it showed so well how it was bad in a moment and how it get well in another)

          first i started watering them, instantly two leaves started drooping (damn i overwatered them??? i asked myself)
          Overwatering and underwatering cannabis plants are easy to do and can cause multiple symptoms including slow growth. Learn to recognize and fix these issues.

          even tho the top inch was dry (touch and visually) i guess it was building nitrogen toxicity,
          it went instantly drooping all the way to The Claw (on that only two leaves) i got despaired i couldn't make a picture nor come here to cry for help, so
          Does your plant have "the claw?" The talon-like leaves that are bent at the ends are a sign that your plant may have nitrogen toxicity. Learn how to fix it.

          i flushed all of them right way, improved the drainage, (it was draining fine, but i guess it was somehow very compacted in the middle, cause now, as soon as i start pouring water it's just come at the bottom), pressed gently the pots so it gets more loose innit, and give it some seedling strength nutrients , as i progressed trough plants, i could see the first one going from The Claw, back to drooping, and when i put it back in the tent just a tip of those leaves were in a 90 degree angle.
          by Nebula Haze Table of Contents Why Flush Cannabis in the First Place? Which growers should flush? How to prevent the need to flush How to Flush a Sick Marijuana Plant (without harming it) How to Fix Incorrect pH Without Flushing

          Today two days later the soil is still uniform wet instead of irregular drying (looking healthy tho, not soaked or muddy), and i started noticing that sweet smell, not pungent, but in 30 days that's the first time i smell life in the tent, it had no smell before. Excuse me for the noob excitement, but i'm not ashamed.

          I'm also overlooked this one
          Learn everything you need to know about watering your cannabis plants. No more guessing or worrying!

          , wich has answered lots of my questions, so yeah, it is fundamental to give plain PHed water every nutrient watering or so. I also started to measure the PH from the runoff water, it was exiting with a 6.5, while entering in the 6, so i just dropped the enter water to the bottom minimum 5.5...

          A little side history, yes i'm making this for recreational use yeah (wife likes it too), but there's more, my father in law, we (wife and kid) living in his house, and last year dude started shaking/tremor as hell (parkinson), so he is halfway to get his "Habeas Corpus" (the only way to get legally cultivating here, you gotta attend a specific certified doctor for a year to prescribe cannabis as a treatment, then you try get the HC at a justice court), and i'll be his gardener (in the process you have to have one), (he doesn't know about my grow yet) but when it's time for me to build his i'll have some know how already, i will give it back all i can. I'm already hunting that Kosher Kush/OG strain around! (maybe i'll already even have his plants growing on mine, wont take long from the HC for him to starting taking the medicine... i guess it will be SO good for him, cause you can tell the tremors/situation got his mood down, putting that man UP is my mission now)

          One love y'all
          here's a little dancing
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200801_134953-ANIMATION.gif
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Size:	3.53 MB
ID:	434709

          Also i guess it was because of the toxicity, i noticed this weird "bite" on one of the leaves.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200801_135036-ANIMATION.gif
Views:	233
Size:	1.79 MB
ID:	434710

          Thank you for having me!


          • SoOrbudgal
            SoOrbudgal commented
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            LOL now your cooking Parkinson caught early lots of good help with some strains. Kosher kush and OG kush seem to help relax his tremors? Is this the strain from the weed dr. suggested? How great. Pain in the ass for getting a card in your state huh?

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