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Is Exhaust / Intake ventilation necessarily for a drying tent

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    Is Exhaust / Intake ventilation necessarily for a drying tent

    I'm working on setting up a tent to dry my cannabis in. Is exhaust and intake ventilation important for a drying environment or is a circulation fan sufficient?

    If it's not very humid where you live, a small circulating fan should be fine. If it is very humid, you may want more ventilation. Just my 2cents.
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      Drying also requires certain parameters to be met.. humidity should be between 50-55% humidity and around 70f degrees as well as enough ventilation to allow at least some air flow..


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        Would you say: if I can get my humidity and temperature ideal I can just open a couple vents in lieu of a full on intake / exhaust ventilation system?

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        I just keep my room temp right and use a cheap desk fan for circulation.. I do have an air filter system but if you don’t mind the smell then just the fan will work.. the main reason to do this is to prevent mold..

      I use a room with an AC and dehumidifier.


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