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    New Grow Setup

    First post on the Forum, Im a long time grower, just getting back into it. I have grown with much success in dirt, ebb n flow, and octopots. I'm going to be doing a new setup soon. Going for quality and less but bigger plants this time. I was growing up too 72 at a time before. I'm thinking about purchasing this Bubble bucket hydroponic system. I was curious if anyone on the forum has used this system? It looks awesome, not a lot of info on it out there tho. I was also curious what nutrient line any dwc users use. I previously used Cutting Edge Solutions with Silica, cal/mag/ and crystal burst. Which worked pretty good i thought. Might try out General Hydroponics this time around tho. But i would like some imput from other hydro users. Any info on this system or a nutrient line would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!
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    I grow in coco but from what I’ve heard around here people only have issues with GH flora trio and biobizz. If you stay away from those two you’ll be fine. I would go for botanicare or canna if you have the means. Never done dwc but you may be able to mix your own nutrients using basic salts, just like in coco


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