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Harvest time? 110 days Green Gelato Auto pics - expert growers' estimation wanted!

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    HELP! Harvest time? 110 days Green Gelato Auto pics - expert growers' estimation wanted!

    Hey fellow smokers! I got the following conditions: 1pot, 120 W LED lighting 18/6 in coco coir. I've been using some Voodoo Juice, Big Buds and Overdrive - but all of these nutrients rather cautiously without too much documentation. I did do not measure the pH of the soil and I did not want to mess around with too much on the nutrients front.

    So it's day 110 now after germination, growing Green Gelato Automatic. To me, the buds look kind of lackluster in size, but ripe when it comes to color and shape of the trichomes (I used a magnifier as well). Quite amberish/yellow, but the main cola is not too curled in...

    What's your impression? Should I finally harvest it? 110 days is quite a lot and the tips of the leaves of the main cola are slowly turning yellow...

    Thank you in advance!

    (Lol, I actually just hope that you can give your "Go")

    i can't see any amber trich but it's a bit far to tell.

    very minor nute burn (burned tips) if that's recent i wouldn't give her more nutes.
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    • ars
      ars commented
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      I'm afraid it's minor lightburn because the lighting is away only ~30 cms

    Those buds look a littlw under developed. How long have they been in flowering? What kind of light?
    Have some fun. 😌

    8 x 8 x 5 Camping Tent
    300W full-spectrum light

    Locally Sold Soil (0.04- 0.01 - 0.01)

    Humboldts Secret Calmag & Iron (2-0-0)
    FlowerFuel (0-34-32)​


      I use this lighting during vegetation/flowering: It's been flowering for roughly 4-5 weeks by now.

      I think the bottle neck might be the too small pot with a diameter of only 27cm...I'll use a bigger pot the next time.

      I guess I should harvest the plant now, considering the long flowering time?


        I’m growing green gelato Auto also, 7 plants actually outdoors and I’m done in 80-90 days with this strain.
        do you have a picture of the whole plant ??

        110 is not a lot in my book. Is this your first grow ?
        As the others say, is hard to see the trichomes.
        Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
        You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        • CaptainWiese91
          CaptainWiese91 commented
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          Well. I have a lot of experience on autos. And if you nute burned it and also light burned it. This is why you are on 110 days of grow time.
          You stunned the plant two times, and this is why your buds isn’t any bigger. And maybe won’t get any bigger. Beautiful height though.

          Do you have a jewelry loupe?

          Btw it’s good to read grow diary’s, but never compare the grow between you and others. Most likely the setup, nutrients and light, medium is never set same. So for me it’s hard to compare the same strain, if it’s not in the same environment

        • ars
          ars commented
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          I do have a jewelry loupe. The trichomes of the main cola look quite milky....

        • CaptainWiese91
          CaptainWiese91 commented
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          Then it’s almost harvest time.
          Depends on what kind of high you want of course

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