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First Grow - How are the buds doing?

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    First Grow - How are the buds doing?

    Hello all,

    First post, so excuse any mistakes! I have been a keen gardener for a while, growing tasty fruit and veg and thought I would have a go at more luxurious plants!

    My auto anesthesia is growing outside. Fully outside grow since seedling in a south facing breezing garden.

    PH fine, nutrients fine, sun fin , soil fine. Had some mites at one stage but got rid of in a matter of hours.

    I dont know much about the budding stage and want to make sure everything is going to plan and the buds are def female... as I hear horrors of hermies.

    Here are a couple of pics. Is the calyx def female?

    Thanks in advance


    She's most definitely female - congrats! Looks like a healthy lass at that, so good job so far.


      OK ty that is good news. She is a beauty indeed. Definitely more exciting than growing tomatoes!

      I have no idea about time frames , so I am just going by eye. But I hope things start swelling!

      She is about 45cm high and bushy as anything, bud everywhere... I reckon I have a 4-6 weeks left??



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        Get yourself a cheap jeweler's loupe 60x magnification helps alot and great for learning to judge trichs close up.

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      A good looking girl there. If you're concerned about when to harvest invest a few bucks in a hand microscope (They're inexpensive) and just keep watching those trichomes. They will tell you when to go. Nice work!


        Thanks. I have just ordered one and I will read up about when to harvest.

        I am sure they are gonna swell up! Well I hope... I have done little training etc so it prob wont be the MEGA yields I see online, but still. Its mine and I grew it! What a buzz.

        Thanks all.


          Sounds like you have the right plan and she looks great she can still herm just watch for her to grow little balls in the same places as you would find the buds. Being an outsider she could give you some big buds I'm new to inside growing and miss being outside because of quantity. Hopefully as I learn and acquire new toys that will get better.
          good luck and grow on
          Growing for fun Don't smoke + byproduct keeps ol lady happy she smokes

          walk-in closet 5x6 halved hung mylar like a shower curtain
          2x 600w blurples plus SF2000
          5gal fabric pots / happy frog soil
          fox farm trio plus bembe 👈(molasses)
          2x widows/ 2x OG / 2x Jack frost / RIP x2 male,hermaphrodite


            Mazeltov and congratulations! I am also dedicated to outdoor gardening - flowers and some tomatoes, always wildflowers and stuff for the bees, but on my first scientific grow for myself. I had some seeds, a sunny windowsill and Thrax isolation. That was in April.
            Now I have two tents, two sweet plants that would be almost 3 ft tall if I hadn't trained 'em, two 600W LED light situations in the flowering tent and several clones percolating in the smaller tent "just in case" they were girls.

            They were definitely girls. Just beginning to send buds to the light. They are absolutely beautiful plants, considering I have been doing everything right, except I've done it at the wrong time, lol.
            Emphasis on were girls. It's week 4 since they went 12/12

            Oh, the hermidities! Last night both my ladies presented me with every kind of weed sex organ you can think of and a few you haven't, lol. They were happily making buds and they are not stressed. No huge temp fluctuations, no overwatering/overfeeding. There haven't been light issues. They were happy and budding. But last night, I found pollen sacs, some nanners, more new buds. One bud with pollinated pistils (sad face)
            But both plants were bagseed. Bagseed from great retail weed from the great state of WA, but bagseed nonetheless. Since I don't have anything waiting to flower, and there were only the 2 plants in there, I'm gonna let them go to see what happens. This is the absolute first time I've grown and I'm already hooked. My grown son said, "Cool Mom! Now you can garden 24/7" Lol. I guess those clones are probably compostable now :P
            This is my learning grow, the first one, and I'm learning a lot from a lot of great people, and this site is my first stop when I need to know now. Currently waiting on legit seeds from a house, and then I'm gonna be set.
            I would rather learn on bagseed (from great weed!) than practice on seeds I've risked life and checkbook to get.
            May you get many happy, healthy buds!


              I only grow autos,outside on porch organic etc. I let the plant tell me when it is time to harvest. About half way through flower, she will start cannabalizing her sun leaves starting at the bottom, then her secondary food leaves, then her sugar leaves. That is when i check the tricoms. If you like it headier ,pick then cloudy. More laid back Amber color. Have fun your choice PEACE


                P.S. Great looking Girls


                  This will be what you're looking for:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Trichome ripeness.jpg
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                    Thanks. I am growing to help me get myself of some meds I have been on for tooo long. SO I will definitely be letting the buds 'degrade' a bit.

                    Thanks for all the positive comments. Its been a real joy.

                    I have seeded some northern lights in the greenhouse to see if I can push a harvest into autumn...

                    Here are a couple more pics.

                    I am desperate for her to put on as much weight as possible! when I first started it, I would have been impressed we a few hits! But now I am obsessed with yield. Next year I will do some training etc.


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