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Backwards temp question

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  • MrMotion
    commented on 's reply
    Figured it wouldn't be a huge deal, just something that occurred to me this morning that is a little backwards haha

    MY what a techie. If you're losing sleep at night over this just switch your light schd. 6 am on, 6 pm off. Variation in temp during lights on is kinda like clouds passing through during the day. They'll dig it.

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  • MrMotion
    started a topic Backwards temp question

    Backwards temp question

    So, a bit of a different question here. I know usually temps go down during the 'night' (lights off), then back up when the lights switch back on.

    I've got the opposite going and I'm wondering if it's going to effect anything.

    Basically, my grow pulls air in from the outside directly. At night, real world outside temps drop dramatically, like 70ish at night 90ish during the day. My lights (currently on 12/12) come on at 6pm and off at 6am. My purpose for this is simple, power useage. My AC never comes on when my lights are on because the night air cools them.

    However, when the lights are off, the day time (grow is in a semi insulated shed) sun heats the shed up and around 1130am my AC kicks on at XX degrees then shuts off once down to XX degrees. This is done via a stand alone computer I programmed and a relay. Saves a bunch of power (photo shows this).

    My question, is it going to throw anything off? Its literally hotter at 'night' and cooler during the 'day'.
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