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    Leaf Stalks

    Hello GWE Community, I was giving my Royal Gorilla auto a quick trim this morning and I noticed something interesting. Initially I just trimmed off the large low hanging fan leaves leaving pretty much all of the stalk behind. When I had finished I was checking to see if there were any leaves that I had missed and my OCD kicked in and I thought I'll just snip off the stalks to make things neat. To my suprise the stalks just came away in my fingers. This was no more than 5 minutes after I had cut the leaves off. I checked the other leaves to see if they were just about to drop off due to a major problem that I had not noticed but they were as firmly attached as ever. I can only think that she had "noticed" that the fan leaves had gone and had kind of auto pruned the stalk. How intelligent / sensitive are these plants that we all love so much? Has anybody else experienced this phenomena?

    Stay safe everyone

    Hi Northerner, I have never had that happen, but the "petioles" (the technical term for the leaf stem) usually dry up and fall off.

    In response to your other question about their intelligence/sensitivity, Cannabis plants have far more of both than most humans... ;-}
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      But they are also very resilient and tough just like it's hemp beginnings to me. I have very hard strong finger nails and i tried 2x finally got a scissor to snip the stem off a outdoor photo plant that's 4 months old. I could not pinch it off really tough almost shredded like a fiber thread.
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        After taking off the leaves and leaving the stalk behind - that part of the plant has died so of course the stalk that was between the plant and the leaf is useless and has died - probably changed color and was a bit drier than the rest of the plant.

        Normal - happens to all of us - unless one is clipping the leaves off close to a stem.
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