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OMG yellow leaves??!?

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    SOIL OMG yellow leaves??!?

    Hey everyone, I am having a real bad issue. I'm currently on week 10 and 5 days in my 12-weeks journey. I'm growing White Widow Autoflower for the first time, now I know / was told I'm supposed to flush my plants because of the floragro nutrients about two weeks before harvesting and since Harvest is going at 12 weeks I started to flush it out..... but now I have these yellow leaves that are real brittle there's about five of them and I'm worried that I will fuck up my plant😨😨😨 does anyone know what it is???... And if i continue to flush it with just ph water will my plant die before the 2 weeks?? and I'm also trying to see maybe if my plant is already to start drying out and harvest.... I added some pictures of both situations.

    leaves turn yellow towards the end of flowering as it pulls nutes from the leaves. It's normal, imo. Also flushing your plants will remove nutes from the soil, hence giving your plant deficiencies. Flushing should only be done if there is a problem, unless your "flushing" is just giving it plain water the last couple weeks. In that case its not really flushing tho. It's just finishing the grow. So i guess define what you mean by flush. My definition is at least 2-3 times the size of the pot in water (ie 5gal pot needs 10-15 gal of water to flush).


      I love it when the leaves turn yellow. Means harvest time is near. Let her finish. Looks fine, congratulations !!
      Focus and relativity.


        Okay, will Im very haapy thats normal because i was freaking out. Yeah since 12weeks is the auto flower widows timeframe i really only have a week and a few days left so i wanted to double check.

        Flushing is just PH'd plain water (i was told to no long add my nutrients) , im supposed to cut out the nutrients because i thought it makes the taste bad and you not supposed to ingested it.. Lmao i really dont know i just didn't want to fuck up my smoke so i started.... its only been one watering with nuts so far.

        @eliot thanks i was hoping they looked healthy

        Tersky thanks for the feedback hoped i add information to help explain.


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          yeah no thats fine. I considered that flushing for a long time but i realized that when i said flush most people thought i was pouring gallons of water every time i watered and realized that it can get confusing. Watering with plain water is fine and i suspect it is just natural maturation. There is a debate on "flushing" and it's benefits and im sure you will get conflicting answers. Most feeding schedules take into account the amount of nutes in the medium and are calculated to maximize cost efficiency, hence the last couple weeks are just plain water (in soil). You can get away with feeding up until harvest, though you would be wasting nutes (albeit a small amount unless you are commercial scale). The harshness is worse before curing imo form my tests but given a long enough cure they taste just as good a s a "flushed" plant. And like PRIMO says 12 weeks is just an estimate. I would add two weeks onto the breeder's time, especially if you have done any HST like topping or fiming.

        That 12 weeks is not gospel. It's a time frame based on ideal growing conditions. Do not harvest to early, let your plant tell you when it's ready. A few weeks of plain water won't hurt anything. There is still some nutes. left in the soil, and she will use up what she needs from the yellowing leaves.


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