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Problem with leaves

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    Problem with leaves

    Hi everyone,
    i have some leaves of my plants getting yellow/brown dots and then dying. Is this a fungi?
    To give you some context, the plants are outdoor, and it has been raining daily for something like 10 days.

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    needs a feed,
    issue is on the lower leaves so is still an early demand
    keep in mind with out door plants
    the solstice upon us we can expect strange sudden stuff with plants happening, bugs too

    good luck


      What does the new growth look like? Plants will shed lower leaves as a natural thing, we need pics of the whole plant and details on the soil etc..


      • Lufra
        Lufra commented
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        Thanks mate. I added more info below as a comment

      Hi! Thanks for the answers.

      The soil is the 'universal' one, good for more or less any plant.
      The plants are pineapple express auto.
      Since this morning, two of the big leaves on the big plant started to become brownish (3rd picture).

      The only fertilizer I gave to the plants is a mix of water and urine (1 part of urine, 20 part of water) twice, once 3 weeks ago and once 2 days ago.

      In addition, I would say that it has been really hot in the last 3 days, with more than 30 C during the day.

      I attach more pictures. The last 2 pics are from the 'smaller' of the two plants.



      • SoOrbudgal
        SoOrbudgal commented
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        Move them out of direct sun when it's above 90f to long on the tile will cook the roots. Find something besides urine.

      Larger pots would help, more roots means more tops. Looks like they burned in a feeding and are recovering from it, there are better things to feed your girls.


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