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    SOIL Help recognise this deficiency

    Hi growers,
    needs everyones expertise and help recognising this deficiency:
    plant amnesia fast from seedsman
    growing outdoor in soil
    receiving bio grow (12ml per gallon) and 10 ml canna calmag
    plant is in week 5.

    new growth is lime green and there are marks or deficiency trails on the leafs.( you can see pic one has a closer look at the new growth)

    i check my ph however i am using the little papers and i might be up or down around 6 to 7. But who knows exactly and it might vary each feeding.

    i thought iron deficiency cause by high ph in the soil? Its affecting more the new growth than the older ones!

    Soil is dry now next feeding i was thinking in flushing and then feeding again!

    what ate your thoughts? Iron? Potassium? C

    thanks anyway I really appreciate your time and effort to help
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    It looks like insects


      I would say bugs too.
      Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
      You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        Yep X3 for bugs, use a 30X zoom lens and look at the under side of all leaves.


          Thank you guys a lot!
          i did pest off one week ago and i was planning a second spray this afternoon! I guess i didnt kill em all!! Or might be older bits that i didnt see before.
          Thank Again for the support

          good vibes for you all!! 🤙🏻


            I have started spraying for bugs (when needed ) every 2 days, my last was spidermites (91% ISO 50/50 with water) and the 2 day is important as they will hatch new by day 3 and lay eggs. The ISO kills adults only, on contact. I also use Captain Jacks Dead Bug and Spinosad.


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