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Root rot far improved but advice?

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    Root rot far improved but advice?

    Hi there,
    i have an Aerogarden Farm- a hydro system with a 10 liter tank.
    Last week it was very hot and the water temperature increased significantly- the result being root rot.
    I emptied the tank, cleaned it with bleach, cut the dead diseased roots off and ran hydrogen peroxide in the tank for 2 days.
    Then flushed again and this time added TNC Mycorr Hydro and Cannazym as well as nutrients. The water has since turned clear and the foam is gone. There is a tiny bit of sediment on the bottom of the tank. There are fresh new white roots emerging fairly quickly. The plants loom ok, there was some yellowing but not any more, just a tiny bit on the tips.
    Question- should I flush again and repeat? It’s been 5 days now. Will the sediment cause issues?

    rugby Good job of nipping it in the bud, so to speak! I bought chillers after a horrible case of root rot on my second grow, and haven't had it again in three years. I don't think the sediment is a problem if you see continuous root growth, but hot temps are always rough on hydro reservoirs.
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      I don’t do dwc but my only encounter with root rot was in coco with pythium. The only way to eradicate was using trichoderma harnazium or something like that


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