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Should I harvest now?

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    HELP! Should I harvest now?

    Have found seeds in my 2 plants that are about 7 weeks into flowering. They look really good. Should I wait for the seeds to ripen or harvest now as I've heard letting them seed will weaken the potency.

    Photos please


      Pics suck. I may be harvesting these a week earlier than anticipated. Just wondering if I should wait to make sure I have good seeds or will it decrease the potency


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        How do you know they will be good seeds? How bad do you need the weed? Anymore if my plants went to seed (not happening at the moment) i'd spent so much time waiting on the bud 4+months i'd wait for trichomes to ripen. But that's me, I've smoke fine weed with seeds.

      Hard to tell without pics......
      Just because people are over 50 doesn’t mean they know everything.
      You can teach a old dog new tricks - But it will still think the old ways are the “best” lol


        Harvested both today. Trichomes were shiney plastic looking, not like clear glass anymore. Figured it must be that time. Got 169 gr from the Sweet Skunk and 223 out of the Hash Plant. Yes some seeds were near complete and some white or green. Will check closer in a few days after they dry a bit. Sticky stuff. Finally remembered the surgical gloves. Took about 6 hrs but it was fun.


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