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Wind Burn from Exhaust Fan

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    SOIL Wind Burn from Exhaust Fan

    Hi everybody.

    I'm a first timer. Did my best to try and research before posting, but couldn't quite find a similar situation. I just installed an ac infinity t6 exhaust for my 2x4x5 tent and I'm almost certain it is causing wind burn on my plants(week 2-3 of veg). They all started drooping /clawing right after it was installed. I turned off the fan (tent flap open) for 36-48 hrs and the plants perked back up which made me pretty certain the problem was wind burn. I've been growing in an open tent until now and I don't have any air circulation inside the tent aside from the t6. Room temp is usually in the mid 70s with the tent around 75-82. Plants haven't had any issues until the fan was installed. I've only run the fan on the lowest speeds (1-2) which was just enough for negative pressure and a very gentle rustling similar to what was recommended on the GWE site.

    My main question is whether the plants will adjust to the fan with time or if I could kill/damage them from the continued wind burn? I thought about opening up some intakes at the top of the tent, but I thought it was good to have a slight cross breeze on the canopy. I knew the fan was overkill for the tent, but many posters I had read recommended running a large fan at a low setting for noise reduction and eventual tent upgrades.

    Apologies for the long winded question. Any advice / expertise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to GWE, my girls are outside with up to 80 mph winds, I see damage but no burn. Got pics? In normal light?


      I have 2 big fans in my tent, oscillation. On the highest of the 3 controls. All my buds and stems wikle in the wind from them. And My experience, I have no wind burn at all. It’s should really be a lot of “wind” before they are going to get burned.
      Rwise but as is saying. Pics would help a lot
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        I don't think it's wind burn sounds more water/nute possible? I've had outdoor wind burn it dries the leaf dehydrates it white-brown. How is your drainage?
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          Yeah wind burn is unlikely here like the rest said. Check where the ventilation system contacts with the plant (ehere the wind hits it first) Are those leaves showing symptoms that the other side of the plant has? I've had wind burn before and it only effected the side of the plant that was receiving the wind first. Over watering or under watering produces droopy leaves on all leaves, not just one side. Keep your ventilation to a minimum, but enough to keep a slight breeze. You don't want your leaves shaking like a storm is approaching. Just a breeze in between the nodes.
          Ask questions, take notes, and check your pH regularly. 😌

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