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    HELP! First indoor grow help

    I have grown some plants outside before, but never inside. However, I want to try indoor and here is my plan. I got the setup from this site, but I am hoping to hear from more experienced growers about this setup before I take the plunge and buy everything. Is it a practical setup for a first time indoor grower? Would you make any recommendations or changes? Are their common problems a beginner grower may run into with this setup? Here is my plan....

    First grow setup
    • Light: viparspectra ( V450 450w)
    • Tent: topolite 2x4x6 or larger (possibly topolite 5x5x80”)
    • Fan: VIVOSUN 4 Inch 203 CFM
    • iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter (do I need this? I’m not super worried about the smell but I have never grown anything but crappy bag seed so not sure how much good genetics will smell)
    • Soil: fox farm happy frog probably or ocean forest
    • Seeds: ILGM white widow autos
    • Container: probably smart pots probably 3 gallon size
    • Nutrients: probably fox farms pack of three (big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom)

    You can’t go wrong using a setup recommended in this site so everything looks good. The 5x5 tent would be overkill unless you plan to grow a lot more plants at once in the future and if so you’ll need a lot more light than a V450. That light is a good starter light for a 2x4 tent though. You’ll definitely need the fan to control heat and humidity more than anything else. The scent elimination is just a bonus.

    Also go sparingly on the nutes, especially growing autos in Fox Farm soil because it will have enough to get you through most of your grow. Biggest thing is to ph your water properly and let it fluctuate a little like water once with ph 6.0-6.5 range then next water have ph 6.5-7.0 range. Helps keep your nutes available
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      Awesome I really appreciate the feedback. I am thinking to go with the 5x5 tent because, just like you said, I want to have a lot more space for future grows once I finish my first couple indoor grows and have a better feel for it.

      Couple follow up questions...first, would the V450 still work well if I get the big 5x5 tent but only grow 2-4 plants at first? Also, once I do want to grow more in the 5x5, how much more light would I need, and could I supplement the v450 or would I have to just get a larger or more powerful light? Thank you


        I recommend adding another fan (one inlet and out exhaust) and some meters for pH, humidity and temp. Use these meters as guides. You will need a 50-60% humidity and 20-30C temp. Use the meters to benchmark your environment against these metrics. Accordingly, you might need to add a humidifier or more fans.

        Beside this, use the carbon filter with the exhaust fan if you want to minimize the smell. Smell, as an issue, will depend on the plant type and how safe your place is if the smell seeps away to the surroundings.


          Also another lesson I learned regarding the light, you need to disregard the wattage they advertise and focus on the actual power draw (they usually list it). I recommend at least 30-50 actual watts per 1x1" or per 1 plant.


            The V450 is a small scale light, the coverage isn’t close to what the manufacturer states. You’d probably need 4 of them to cover a 5x5 properly maybe 6 and you’ll need a bigger fan for that size tent. A 6” would do but a 8” will be better. To be honest, if you’re wanting to use LED lights for that size of a tent you’d be better off to look at the Quantum boards and they come at a price. Checkout the HLG Rspecs or the Electric Sunshine Company’s ES300 or other comparable lights and you’re gona spend 1000-1500 on lighting or go with a HPS and spend a lot less on light but more on electricity.


              Thank you everyone for the input. So I am finally going to order everything his weekend, but I wanted to check with everyone about a couple things....

              First, I decided it may be best, based on everyone’s input, to just go with the smaller tent that is recommended in the setup (2x4x6 or 3x3x6). However, the viparspectra 600 cost just a little more than the 450, and I’m wondering if the 600 would work well in one of the two tents I previously mentioned? Would it be too much light or would it be fine if I just put it a bit higher above the plants? I am just thinking it would be worth it to spend a little more for a more powerful light.

              Second, would you recommend a complete beginner that is new to indoor growing using an LED light? After a bit of research, they just seem like less maintenance and easier to setup and such. Thank you everyone for the input.


                Honestly I think a beginner may do better with a LED bc you don’t have the heat to contend with. When I started out all I had was High Times articles and my buddies dad for advice but he strictly grows outdoors so there was definitely a learning curve and many bumps in the road before I figured things out. I’m a long time HPS advocate who currently has two tents in bloom and they’re both under LED’s. I’d go with the 600, I have two 450’s in a 2x4 tent right now for 4 autos. Together they produce a lot of heat but nothing compared to a 400w HPS which you’d need to equal the same amount of light.


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