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June 4th flower

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    June 4th flower

    Hello folks. I have 6 really healthy females!! I have already chosen to start flower June 4th. My plants are between 18 and 15 inches. Any tips or things i need to be aware of before now and then??
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    If you're going to do any defoliation, now would be the best time to do that.
    Second state-sanctioned grow. Six plants in flower, three different strains.
    One Bruce Banner, two Granddaddy Purple & three Black Widows all from ILGM
    4'X4' flower tent, AC Infinity 4" fan and filter, Advanced Platinum P300 LED
    RDWC six grow buckets and a reservoir.

    Three Seedsman Blueberries & One Sweet Zombie from Expert in veg.
    3'X3' tent RDWC four grow buckets and a reservoir.

    Aurora Soul nutrients - Grow, Bloom, Infinity, Big Swell.

    On deck: Acapulco Gold & Laughing Buddha from Barney's Farm, Purple Haze from ILGM.


      Thanks. Ive been defoliating every 2 weeks or so
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        Just defoliated
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