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Stunted growth in flowering stage

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    HELP! Stunted growth in flowering stage

    My plant is entering the 6th week in the flowering stage. I defoliated in the beginning of the 4th week and I noticed the buds stopped developing as it should. I have another plant (same strain) in the same stage of development and the bud development is at a more advanced stage. Is there anything I can do to get the bud growth back on track? Should I just leave the plant and it will get back on track?

    Not enuf info and pics are purple, add info and pics in normal light please..


      Not sure what other info you need, the plants are in the flowering stage, the leaves are green everything seems else normal except for the main ingredient- the buds. They just stopped growing after I defoliated 3 weeks into the flowering stage. I am sending pictures of one plant in the same stage which buds site is way more developed so you can get an idea. The plant is almost 6 weeks deep into flowering I believe the buds should be further along than it actually is at the moment. Maybe I am over reacting but I don’t think I am.


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        Grams If everything else is growing well, it may just be the phenotype of that seed expressing itself. Blue OG is one of my favorites, and I've grown it with larger buds, smaller buds, taller and shorter. Each seed is like a child: you can have 10 kids and they can be extremely different, or they can be more uniform in looking like each other.

      What are they growing in? What are you using for nutrients? How often do you water?


        What is the strain of each?


          Yes if they are the same strain it’s interesting and may just be that that strain doesn’t react well to defoliation? Maybe they are in different pots and something is off in that one? Not sure if you use nutes or not but maybe check that they are both the same ppm, ph all that extras that come with using bottled nutrients. Also could be that one is just weaker than the other if all is the same. I’m leaning towards the plant not liking defoliating.


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            I must concur with Cali. Could be just a weaker grower post defoliation. And I have had same strain come from same seed pkg and 2 were nearly identical and 3rd was oddball.

          Yup. I concur with all the above. My last grow there was one that just didn't mature "on schedule" with the other 2 of the same strain. They were done a full 2wks before the straggler.


            Genetics what can you do,


              The strain is G13 and all other things are equal (same liquid nuts being used to water, same grow bag etc.) I am guessing based on the responses I should just leave the plant and eventually it will get to its destination


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