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    New grow ???

    Just started this a few weeks ago the little leaves at the bottom are turning brown wondering if that’s an issue or if that is fine I’m brand new to this and this is my first one gotta lot of questions and very little knowledge concerning this in my life please anything helps

    Welcome! The seedling is OK. Those leaves are called cotyledons (dicotyledons when they come in a pair). As long as your "real" leaves are fine, don't worry. These and the first pair usually fall off after the plant gets taller. Since you're in soil, be sure the pot has plenty of drainage and don't overwater or overfeed and it should stay healthy. When you transplant it, be sure the soil or mix you use has about 30% perlite for aeration. That and keep it close to the light if it's under fluorescent but not if it's under HPS or LEDs.
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      I appreciate the feed back I was reading about it and it says at some point up to three leafed leaves will fall off possibly it is in soil and I actually water it very little I gauge on how fast the soil absorbs the water I’m using a light that doesn’t get hot when she can’t get enough light outside but any tips would greatly be appreciated this one I’m not stressing Over it’s more so for skill and experience but anything off would be a great bonus🤙🏽🤙🏽


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