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Yellowing leaves and slow/stunted growth

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    HELP! Yellowing leaves and slow/stunted growth

    I planted a blueberry fem from seedsman and a runtz bagseed on April 5th at the age they are now compared to another plant that I have going they seem to have stunted growth. I started to notice yellowing fan leaves on the blueberry plant so today I tested the runoff and if I’ve done it properly I had a ph of 6.8 and Ppm at 883. I am using fox farm soil as well as the trio. I started feeding on 5/18 with 5ml grow big and 28ml big bloom which is about half strength. Am I just seeing nitrogen deficiency due to a late feeding ? And as far as the growth could it just be the strains ? It just seems odd that 1 plant is doing well better than the other 2.

    I grow in water, but to me it looks like you need cal mag added.
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      Could be an early stage of nitrogen deficiency.
      Actually pretty hard to tell. If you never add cal-mag I would suggest starting add some in your water feeding next time.
      if you just fed it with nitrogen - it should not progress any further but if it does - then you can rule out nitrogen deficiency of course.
      But the plant are really dark green - I don’t think it’s a N deficiency.
      What size is the pot. ? - did you look up a potassium deficiency?
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        Is that a 2 part feed ? I don't know about adding bloom to a vegging plant that's not in bloom? I don't add bloom but maybe couple times during the real bloom faze. Excuse me if this is what the manufacture states to do as I am unfamiliar with certain brands. I have heard of this brand it's very popular, just never used it.
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