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First growing (in)experience and few questions

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  • bboyfromwayback
    If you’re only growing 1-2 plants at a time you should send that big ass tent back and get yourself a 48”x24”x60” tent. That’s plenty to grow two decent sized plants (just keep them short) or a bunch of auto flowers. Plus a 4” fan is plenty for that sized tent and a small light will be plenty. A 1000W tent for 1-2 plants is overkill.

    A viparspectra v450 be plenty if you want a middle grade LED but they’re loud. If you want a high quality LED that’s completely silent without the heat checkout the ES180 from the electric sky company

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  • Partyzen
    started a topic First growing (in)experience and few questions

    First growing (in)experience and few questions

    Hello guys,

    recently i accidentally started growing one small plant. I decided its a miracle, as i am black-thumb-of-death and kill plants by mere presence, and decided to keep it.
    After some light research, scared it will get big and smelly fast, i panic bought:

    Grow tent 60x60x160, Nonbrand inline fan, Cheapest ducting, 150 W 3000k CFL and reflector, Timer, Cables, Temp+Hum sensor

    Planted my happy little accident in the soil i had on hand, and hoped for the best.
    Of course everything went to hell from there..

    The tent is too big, doesn't fit anywhere in my 1 room apartment, the CFL light produces too much heat, cannot be brough closer to plant than 30cm and the fan, even though pretty silent through day, is too loud in silence of night and probably could be heard in apartments below and above me.

    As bonus, poor seedling developed yellow leaves with brown spots - soil for aromatic herbs apparently wasnt the best decision for it.
    Did some more research, plant was getting worse, went on another panic buying spree:

    Super cheap 50w cold and 20w warm white led bulbs, Coco coir + perlite, Textile 8L pot, Canna coco A+B and enzymes, Tem+hum sensor that doesnt display randomly generated numbers

    Now i'm venting with AMD CPU fan on intake, using 50w and 20w bulb without diffusers for light, hanging straight on electric wires (can i hear SuperAngryGuy screaming in distance?).

    The happy little tree is doing better, yellow and brown on two bottom leaves is going away, but it isnt growing much and the second leaves from bottom were turned down for a while (i think it was flipping me off for the soil). Made some basic irrigation and (?)derrigation system so i don't need to unzip tent twice a day too.

    Also bought some isolated ducting and carbon scrubber for flowering and drying, if the miracle child turns out to be a girl, and survives my reign of panicked terror.

    Through this cumbersome process, i have learned that i should do more research and less panic buying. And that's why i'm here now.

    I would welcome advice on new lights, as i am now considering buying something proper, that will be used for max 2 plants. As temperature (30C+ in summer here), power consumption and price is a concern (already shilled myself for 150 bucks on other lights), i narrowed it to Mars hydro 1000w, and King Plus 600w/1000w, open for suggestions if you have better idea.

    I also would like to know if DIY irrigation i made with 4 T shaped outlets will be enough to cover the coco correctly -does water spread in it like in sponge, or just flows through?

    Thanks for reading my too long story, and any advice or thoughts you have. Questions, laughs, and occasional chastising are welcome too.
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