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  • Toker1
    The tent itself is not a heat barrier. It’s not insulated enough, the walls are too thin. You should build a sealed room that has heavily insulated walls. Then place the tent inside that room if the attic is the only option.

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  • HowTheHell
    started a topic Attic Tent

    Attic Tent

    Hi, simple questions. Going to do a small tent in the attic. Would like to get the intake air from the eaves as I'm worried the air in the attic is will be too hot at times. So I guess I cant use those mesh covered vents on the bottom of the tent? I presume I need to run a duct to one of the spare vent sock type thingies? If so I presume the vent would need to come down close to the bottom of the tent inside. The duct would be about 6 meters long. Would this rule out passive intake and mean I would need an intake fan? Hope I'm making sense?, thanks.

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