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    HELP! Top, slow growth

    first time grower here, thats one of my autos (the fastest growing one) i was just wondering if its ready to be topped?
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    All plants sprouted out the soil last month on the 13th, the one in the brown pot is my northern light auto, the growth is quite slow on all 3 plants but the NL is the worst, hasn't grown an inch for about a week an half. What could i be doing wrong? Im a noob this is my first grow, help would be appreciated. Thanks

    those are all way to young for any sort of training so no do not top anything yet not for a while still at least 5-6 nodes. They look healthy be careful about over watering an oz every couple days is plenty at this stage make sure those pots drain and have some holes so the roots get lots of air and a good light and they will grow .proper ph is important and now is the time to start introducing food start light then you can always add more if need be Be patient a watched pot never boils I feel your pain i've only been growing a couple years and I do the same thing but it can bite you in the ass if you rush it trust me I just lost a plant due to impatience.Your off to a great start they look great so keep up the good work happy growing!


      Thanks for the info man, i will definitely take your advice on board. By the way whats a node?




          Ahhh cheers man


            good luck buddy happy growing


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