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Leaves turning yellow, green, then dying. Nurtrient burn from overwatering?

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    HELP! Leaves turning yellow, green, then dying. Nurtrient burn from overwatering?

    Hello everyone. First time grower here. I am growing a northern lights/ critical haze seedsman fem in kind soil for my first go and have encountered a bit of a problem. I noticed my leaves were really dark green but my plant was growing well. I read up on problems here and realized I may have a boron deficiency due to high PH. I checked my PH and it was at about 7.4 so I adjusted it down to 6.3 with citric acid crystal as was recommended from the manufacturer( I bought from a grocery store for canning, I assume its all the same). I believe I over watered as I have been doing so when I felt the soil dry up to my first knuckle. I re-read the instructions today and they say to let the soil get bone dry the whole way through. Ooops!

    Ever since then I have been getting slow growth, my leaves turn white or yellow at the tips, turn a nice beautiful green and then turn brown and die. I wanted to do a manifolding technique I saw recommended here but am not sure that would be the best idea at this point. Can I save this plant? Did I screw up? As someone who has never grown a plant in his entire life I am honestly proud I got this far so I wouldn't be too crestfallen if I had to start over. Thanks for any input in advance!
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    When it was going well, I think you maybe shoulda let it go well. At this point I'd repot into a bigger container. Then give her water and a light dose of nutes and lots of love.


      Yep, she's out grown the pot so might as well up-size to at least 3 gal pot..if your gonna use plastic pots drill about 50 1/4 inch holes around the lower sides and bottom for good drainage. Fiber pots are really nice. Maybe flush it really good now with ph'd water,.. before you re-pot it. and start off with light nutes while she gets settled. There's no way i'd give up on that plant yet! good luck
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        Exactly mine words too, I agree!
        I think I have 60-70 holes in my 7 gallon pot with 1cm
        I would not either give up on the plant. Transplant and lots
        Of drainage

      Ok, thanks everyone! I didn't purchase any nutrients as I read kind hot soil didn't need any additives but I will get on that ASAP. This is a 3 gallon pot and I figured I would have to go up one more. Thanks again everyone, I will try my best to keep her alive and will come back with some kind of news soon!


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