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Starting off a seedling

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    Starting off a seedling

    My plants about an inch tall out of the soil..should I be on 250 w 400 or 600 to start them off?.my ballast does all 3 functions..6 plants in a 6x6 is 14 inches from plants at 250 watt at the moment..should I be higher in watts and further away from the plants for how small they are?

    I start my direct under my Viparspectra R900 W
    I just adjust the height from what my seedlings are telling me. Best option would be looking a couple of times a day, to see what they’re are telling you.
    I think already 250W would do the trick. I just don’t have that option. If they stretch, move the light closer or take the Wattage up to the next level


      Awesome..was thinkin same thing.. I'm keeping light close to avoid stretching..400 or more would probably be too much heat at that height..thanks!


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        Probably. I have no heat at all with my Vipar. And thank good. I like in Portugal and still with this Vipar I have 26-27 Celsius in the tent, on a sunny day. 😅😅

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