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Help me save these plant babies!

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    Help me save these plant babies!

    I just got these plants (clones) from a dispensary. Please don’t rag on me or say that it was a waste of money. Practice is never a waste of money. They are sickly looking, I’m okay with that as I want to practice trying to get them healthy again. The root ball was nice looking and white. It’s not super developed but it was a nice ball. I planted them both in bigger pots. I just used organic soil that has microbes in it and other stuff like fish, bark, moss etc. I mixed mostly that soil with some organic soil that has worm castings in it.

    I’m assuming that the dispensary kept these little guys under their lamps all day and night because they are droopy. It could be mites but I think it’s more heat damage. Again, this is my first time doing this by myself so I’m looking for advice. I’m not giving them fertiziler or anything like that. I did have to use a tiny bit of crappy soil that had some miracle grow in it because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get more soil but then I did get more soil. I really hope the little bit of crap dirt at the very bottom of the planters won’t effect it too much.

    Since I got these little guys I have transitioned them into regular lighting. I’ve kept them inside by the window. It’s been overcast since I got them so the lighting is not too bright or direct. For the first few nights I left them in the night for 6 hours and then put a bright night light on them. Last night was the first night I just left them by the window without any night light to get all natural lighting.

    I have been playing some classical music and binaural beats for the plants. I also have a crystal in each planter. I really want to save these little guys and am looking for informative help. Idk if it matters but one is Pie Hoe and the other is Ketama. Thank you, I appreciate it.
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    They look to be well on the road to recovery. As long as they take care of em & not just throw em under a light & hope they live til they sell there's nothin wrong with a dispensary plant. I got 2 this year. I took a loupe & a spray bottle of Safers 3in1 with me, sprayed em even though they looked clean & they're doin great.
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      Clones? or from seed?


        Yes, they are clones. I got them 3 days ago and they were like this.
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