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    Root Rot

    Hi everyone...I read an article on Growweedeasy a while ago which spoke about using HydroGuard to prevent and also recover from root rot...I understand the dosage in ml required per litre to use as an inoculant...though it does not state on the bottle whether I should add more Hydroguard each time I top up the reservoir or not.....I do have a case of root rot at the moment and I would like to inquire as to how I go about using hydroguard to help my girls I dose the tank everyday ?...If so I have no clue how much to use or what dosing schedule would be beneficial in helping with the recovery...I use a recirculating system where the nutrients are pumped up to the top of the baskets and then flow back to the reservoir in a continuous 24 hour cycle ...The baskets have clay balls in them and the clones where rooted in rockwool cubes...I am using 400 watt HPS and MH lights...My nutrients are Dutch Fest Hydro Grow and Hydro Bloom...the only additive I'm using is Hydroguard...I did work out how the problem started....I lifted the baskets out of the buckets to check the health of the roots (bad move) and on one of the plants some of the roots had grown part way down the return pipe heading back to the tank and as I lifted the basket up they broke off and lodged in the pipe...too far down for me to see when I checked with a flashlight ....within a week I could smell that distinctive odour coming from the tank so I dismantled the system and found the brown rotting roots stuck in one of the pipes...A valuable lesson learned there that's for sure !!...Perhaps there already is information explaining how to use Hydroguard to treat this problem on Growweedeasy and I just haven't found it yet ?....Any help with this issue I have going on will be greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance

    Hi Bluther Welcome.

    I use 2 teaspoons for my 5 gallons of water each water change. And Add hydroguard with the nutrients when you mix them up, then do the PH. on the mix.

    I DWC and use a 10 gallon tub with 5 gallons water and change my reservoir every 7 days.

    Don't lift the pots out once the roots are in the water . Sounds like you know that now ..Have fun!
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      Welcome Bluther3006,
      I would recommend keeping the reservoir water very well aerated and cool. I use two four inch air stones with a dual outlet air pump for each reservoir. I also employ frozen water bottles to keep the temperature between 65 and 70 deg F.. I have used the Hydroguard and Dutch Masters Root Zone and They did not control the problems for me. I now use GH Florashield, 2 ml per gallon in the reservoir and 2 tsp per gallon for a washing / cleaning solution, but, do not use it if you use compost teas or other 'live' nutrient supplements. All said, the temperature, aeration of the water, and keeping dead plant matter out of the reservoir are probably the most effective methods towards controlling root rot.
      Good luck with your grow.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


        Welcome, Bluther!!! I have also dealt with root rot in my DWC box on this grow. The guidelines per gallon or liter are on the bottle, but I add a bit more to my reservoir. Also, since I don't dechlorinate my water overnight before I fill my res, I re-add the Hydroguard 24 hours after I have changed the water, nutes, etc.

        It's really good that you figured out what caused it in the first place! Good luck!!!
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          Thank you guys for the information....I had 3 plants initially and removed the sickest one just after posting my inquiry here on this forum...The 2 remaining are in their first week of 12/12....Because they are infected with root rot, I was wondering if it is ok to take clones from these or will the disease be passed on to the clones from the infected mother plants ? I do not have access to any other plants to clone If I lose these that will be the end of this cheese strain for me...Thank you all again


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            You could try to change out the water and nutrients more often, like every three to four days, keep the oxygen in the water, and keep the temperature down, the plants could recover. I read an article that said that the root rot was actually a type of algae, and high levels of the nutrients could aggravate the problem. All said, I have had better control of the root health by adding extra oxygen and keeping the temperature below 70 deg. F.
            Good luck, I hope that your ladies survive!

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            Bluther, I would suggest that you wait to take clones until your girls are healthy. You don't want to add any more stress to them right now.

            Did you read the GWE page on root rot? Nebula says DON'T TRASH YOUR PLANTS!!!


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