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    SOIL How's these?

    Hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping safe and well over there.
    I've put on a few photos, if you don't mind can you tell me if I'm doing right.
    The photo of the 2 tall straight plants were from my first attempt. I knew nothing of training, feeds etc, so only managed 38g from the 2 plants.
    The other photos are from this time, my 2nd attempt where I've tried to implement all the tips and classes from yourselves and Nebula Haze.
    So, have I done good this time? The last photo is of one of them after I've taken the leaves back as put I them to 12/12 last week so getting space for the light to hit the bud sites.
    At present they've had no special feeds. I used a mix of 15% Perlite, 30% fish and bone meal and 55% soil. I did add some extra nutrition at first but experienced some burn on the leaf edges so after then just used water. I do have some 30% phosphate and plant sugar booster powder ready to use in a week or so once the first trichomes begin to appear.
    Thanks for your time, stay safe
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    52 views and no comment now about 6 weeks later

    How did they go ..?



      Plants do look good. No replies? Maybe start the thread with a bait title like bottled nutrients super buds. Lol.. I get no comments but Iā€™m no help when I start a thread with title organic soil. Lol


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        Gee, it gets my eye !

      Lol supposed to be funny


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        Well, yes.....and no (since we know how well it works)

      Hey StokeBloke it's been a while! Took a break from things cause of life and came back to see your post. Just wanted to say congrats! Your plants look great! Much more even canopy and it will only get better with each grow as you get better.


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