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    heating your grow tent

    so was wondering what you all do for a safe way to add a little heat in tent with LED lighting? I put in a cloudline t4 yesterday, seems great with humidity but runs in any of its 10 speeds usually slow so I lose my negative pressure to draw in heat? The room in my basement is heated by my central air(stays at 70) temp in tent was very low this morning, near 62 degrees. dont know if i should just cycle the fan vs using the auto mode but was the reason for buying.
    If you get confused....listen to the music play

    I have used small ceramic heaters in a 5x5 tent and also a 3x3 tent. Both heat the tents very effectively. They have safety shut off mechanisms so if they fall over they turn themselves off. I think I paid $12 for a small one and $25 for a shoebox sized one.
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    Bloom Room
    2 - 600 Watt HPS
    1 - 630 Watt Loriflux LED
    Autopot XL System
    Advanced Nutrients
    Coco/Perlite 70/30

    Veg Room
    2 - Electric Sky 300 V2
    Autopot XL System
    Floralex Nutrients
    Coco/Perlight 70/30

    Current Strain is Citral Glue


      Just keep adding lights will solve itself 🤷 that's what I've done, do this and control your exhaust to regulate temperature.
      Vegging 4 aurora indica, waiting on seeds. Got eyes on a 4x8x8 tent.
      sp150x2 philz330 and Philz 100x2
      4 plants currently under 500w
      2 x opulent systems 4x4x80 tents and a 24x40x48 baby box.
      GH full line of nutes+calmag and my molasses sugar brown sugar liquid mix at 30ml per liter.
      Happy growing/consuming 🥴
      Space is at a premium when you're growing premium in space 😁


        I have a small electric radiator at the back of my space, with a small separate fan blowing down on it from above. Works really good to get the temp up on windy days. Ive seen people who hang the same kind of radiator in the tent just above their air intake too.

        Click image for larger version

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        Indoor grow. LED, Soil. Autos.

        Outdoor grow. Autos, fem's, bagseeds


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          That should do perfectly, do you have temp control or anything like it shutting off when it hits a certain temperature, just for safety's sake.

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          Plants are looking really good too by the way.

        • swegrow
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          Thanks! Yes there is a built in thermostat that shuts off after a certain temp. Its a 10 digit valve to adjust heat so it took some experimenting to get it set right for my needs.

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