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Bronze margins, Late flower

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    HELP! Bronze margins, Late flower

    Help my guys!

    I used advanced nutrient -ph-perfect 3-part. Week 6 going in flower. Week ago this started spread and changed to other nutrients.

    coco, dripfeed irrigation, whit ph-perfect Ph-7.4 Ec-2900. I dont really trust those nutrients anymore.
    is that from ph problem -> nutrient lockout

    changed water and nuts, palanced ph-5.5 and ec 2200( didnt want to lover to much at time)
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    that seems like a potassium/calcium deficiency, doesnt mean you need to add both, i think the potassium is causing the calcium to lock out. i think you should give more bloom and less grow but it be nice to see what others think


      To me it looks like potassium or zinc deficiency Click image for larger version

Name:	leaf chart #1.jpg
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Name:	leafe chart #2.jpg
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      • 9fingerleafs
        9fingerleafs commented
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        yes, you see how the potassium deficiency when advanced shows calcium deficiency symptoms too

      • Jordann
        Jordann commented
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        Might be magnesium deffency late stage

      • Jordann
        Jordann commented
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        Crushing iron pills have always worked for my girls. Looks iron drrivent sulfur bad enoughtnofind some sulfur

      don't know why it did it like that but there ya go lol Iv'e found this very helpful.


        I guess it's excess of Potassium. causes many nut locks.

        i have occasionally added some PK-Boost. minimum doses still... But it could have been to much.


          I didn't mention my plants will be 3 weeks from 12,/¹2 hours. Any way Friday they will be 3 weeks in and they've done good really nice buds. I hope they have the good good wheel might the plants tale aasmd great 4 time one with 4 times sativa. I love Frome different e2 males and 1e females. I'm only just starting to get some feminized seeds. Maine grow a whack if auto and pack the xr4x4. Not sure yet see what comes up.
          Vegging 4 aurora indica, waiting on seeds. Got eyes on a 4x8x8 tent.
          sp150x2 philz330 and Philz 100x2
          4 plants currently under 500w
          2 x opulent systems 4x4x80 tents and a 24x40x48 baby box.
          GH full line of nutes+calmag and my molasses sugar brown sugar liquid mix at 30ml per liter.
          Happy growing/consuming 🥴
          Space is at a premium when you're growing premium in space 😁


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