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    HELP! Yellow leaf

    help me please my Lower leaves is yellow ,l don’t know how can I country is summer outdoor

    Strain info
    And how much old is this plant?
    What kind of soil u used
    How much fertilizer u used?

    Its looks like nitrogen deficiency
    As in nitrogen deficiency plant start to turn yellow feom down, first lower leaves
    Did your soil have proper nutrients

    Check your temperature and humidity
    Do a little research


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      nextpablo420 follow your own advise

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      Lol at what she said^^^^

    Follow my own advice??


      To me it looks like your soil is staying to wet and looks like it is quite thick. If you can amend the soil with some perlite so it can drain water more quickly I think you should see some improvements. I would only do the soil outside of the roots and let them grow into the amended area rather than disturbing or damaging the roots.


        Plants small like that sometimes the eat themselves to keep themselves alive. Need some stronger nutes airy soil.. are you growing directly in the ground? Or raised in pots?
        7 medium plants in flower. 2 sativa strains and 2 indica strains. Bagseed.
        4 aurora indica fem photo started and sprouting in the baby box.
        Philizon lighting 1600-330w, bloom plus(spider farmer) 1500-150watts and 100 watt 6500k tri light. 580 watts plus 250w in the corners(off at the moment). 830watts in the 4*4 tent.
        Proud to be Canadian, sad about the piddly 4 plant limit. Rules are meant to be broken. Trudeau is a fkn goof. Want seeds? Seedsmans the man.
        2 x opulent systems 4x4x80 tents and a 24x40x48 baby box.
        GH full line of nutes+calmag and my molasses sugar brown sugar liquid mix at 30ml per liter.
        Happy growing/consuming 🥴
        Space is at a premium when you're growing premium in space 😁


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