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    i gotta share this, i bought this gamma seals to make any 5 gal bucket into an air tight container, two of them for 25 usd, ive been using them a couple of weeks and they work great, no smell getting out and no more over drying. one bucket can hold 1to 2 pounds


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      That is cool. Thanks.

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      In the USA they have them on the shelf in Home Depot and Lowe’s I bought them for bird seed I keep outdoors all winter. Rain, ice, snow. ....dry as can be

    worst- deff vivosun oscillating tent fan, didnt even last a month. goona see if the warranty works.

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      My cloudline t4 just got drop this morning. gonna set it up today. was very happy. I was able to get the 1 with controller for the price of the standard. with their free shipping right now and 20% off code I dug up.
      I think I see a problem in the little fan, Im opening it to fix it.

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      Can you pass on the coupon code?

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      Very happy with the Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan ($150 on Amazon)

    i found it on google Pedro20 worked for me. saved me $24 bucks. dont know if itll still work
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