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Weird yellow marks on indoor plant

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    SOIL Weird yellow marks on indoor plant

    Build: Fox farm ocean forest with a bit of kind super soil at the bottom, 8 gal fabric pot, viparspectra led light 12/12 from seed, flowering but I forgot which week. Probably about 2 months old, 12” tall. Strain: photo Sour Diesel

    Issue: I see weird yellow marks on one of the leaves that concern me. It looked like a cal mag deficiency that happened to a previous plant, so I started by putting 2 ml of sensi seeds cal mag solution (pictured) into one gallon of Walmart distilled water and giving her half. The other half went to her sister. An Amazon question suggested 8 ml per gallon, but I decided to err on the side of caution. Not seeing improvements I gave her half of a water gallon filled with 8ml cal mag. No change thus far. This is the only nutrient she’s been receiving. Nutes are kinda confusing for me so I was really nervous about them.

    The tips of her leaves also seem yellowed ever so slightly. It’s possible the soil could be too nutrient rich on its own, but her sister who’s probably ready to be harvested soon grew out of it until a magnesium deficiency sooner hurt her. I remember Kind Soil suggesting that plants can grow out of nutrient burn from soil alone, and it might just be like growing pains for her. I’m still concerned though. Can anyone provide advice?

    I have circled the parts that concern me in red. On one image I noticed a few of her fans curving inward, although that could be something I’m overthinking.

    Thanks so much!
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    Edit: The first yellow marks are what prompted me to buy cal mag and did not appear after feeding.


      Hello and welcome to GWE. Looks like a tad bit of nute burn and splash on leaf during pour. Hard to see in that color of light though.
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        Look at the under side of the leaves for bugs with a 30X zoom lens, for the twisting leaf.


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