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    HELP! Wot Are These?

    Just trimming my femm seeds and noticed all these sacs within the buds, they cant be male surely? Or are they good to go and be cured? Click image for larger version

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    Howdy Gwenewbie, I can not see much detail, but it is either seeds in the buds or male flowers. Can You post a more detailed photo?
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      It sure looks like a hermie to me. What's inside of the sacs?


        I can't tell for sure but what I see look like swollen female calyxes. If they look like the tip of a scorpion's tail they are female parts. If they look like a deflated punching balloon (young) or little ball or egg (more mature) on a short stick they are male parts. If they're hanging in clusters like grapes, they're male parts.


          Click image for larger version

Name:	7064838B-75BD-4181-A27F-201EE0822A4C.jpeg
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ID:	378467 It flowers like a female but underneath just loads of what looks like a shed load of seeds, i cut one open and its just soft, i had another 8 in flower with it and they are fine Click image for larger version

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          • FunkyButtLovin
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            I might be missing something but to me it looks like you're just cutting off foxy buds.

          I agree with FunkyButtLovin
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          • DW2
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            I agree with FunkyButtLovin and SoOrbudgal that it could be a 'fox tailing' bud. I did not see anything in the new photos that would indicate that they were male flowers.

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