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Can I still take clones?

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    SOIL Can I still take clones?

    Hey y'all,

    Newish grower with a question about cloning. I have GDP girl that's been in veg for 80 days. I just flipped her to 12/12 3 days ago. I went to do some defoliating and got some really nice cuttings off her. Can I use these as clones or will they be messed up because she was just flipped to flower?

    I'm planning on dipping the stems in Clonex then dropping them into rapid rooters in a covered germinator on a heat mat. Is this a waste of my time or will they possibly survive and go on to produce?



    They will still root, make clones of them!


      I do the same thing. You'll be putting them back to 18/6 after you get'em in the rapid rooters. I'll take 4 or 5, get them rooted real good, put them into a one or two gallon pot for 30 days under 18/6, then throw them into flower. Doesn't take up a lot of space for me either. Cloning was a great confidence booster for me as well. My neighbor always asks me for a clone, so I hook him up as he needs it. Good luck!


      • Twistedwienerdog
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        Excellent information! Thank you! If I can put these into flower after only 30 days I might not bother with autos any more. I've only had 1 successful grow but with 3 autos I only yielded 5.8 oz. The plants were very small and stunted. This girl is a photoperiod and just keeps growing green and healthy!

      Thanks! I'll keep this post updated. I've never tried cloning before so this should be educational if nothing else.
      Click image for larger version

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      • keldog420
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        u have a dome? they look wilted

      • SoOrbudgal
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        Good job now keep them moist don't let leaf get dry till roots form.

      • Twistedwienerdog
        Twistedwienerdog commented
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        Yep, have a dome. Just took it off for the picture. They’re wilted and twisted up from being in the middle of a leaf ball down in the center of the plant. They were trying to twist to get some light. I took a good handful of fan leaves off the mother plant. How do you know when to replant into pots with soil?

      I just cloned one that would not take until it was on 12/12s. A spray bottle, and mist them with water, that will help with wilt also (under side of leaf is best).


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