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How to choose the right container for cannabis plant

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    How to choose the right container for cannabis plant

    Guys, how to choose the right container for cannabis plant? Share your own experience and some tips to find the perfect one. Thanks

    I use fabric pots, either home made or purchased, 20 gallon for photos and 7 gallon for autos and 3 gallon for mothers. The fabric pots allow air into the soil, as the soil dries on the outer edge the roots are self pruned so they never become root bound. If I were to go back to using plastic pots they would be drilled full of holes.


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      I am trying to learn how to bonsai with my mothers and I am using plastic pots, smaller for space saving. I already use holes in the sides of my other pots to improve air flow for the roots. Do you think with enough holes that they will self prune like fabric?

    I agree with fabric pots. Very hard to over water with fabric! I started with using 5 gallon plastic pails and found myself overwatering all the time and my harvest suffered greatly from it.


      I've had two grows so far. And have used cloth pots for the reasons that Rwise mentioned. I grew in 3-gal pots. Looked at the root system after both harvests and found healthy roots both times. Air pots also get good reviews but I haven't tried them yet. My photo plants finished at about 4' tall both grows.
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        Fabric pots here as well. FinleyRhodes are you using (or going to use) a soil blend or coco? Indoors or outside? My 3' x 3' tent works well with 3gal pots but restricts plant size. I have 2 in 3gal pots now and 1 in a 5 gal pot. (And a Solo Challenger.) It may be strain but the 5 gal pot is just going nuts while the other two are remaining nice and manageable.
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          With an indoor grow how would you water in a fabric pot and not make a mess?


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            , with a riser and drip pan,

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            Thanks, kid used them with one of kids grows and he mentioned the mess he made so I was curious. I bet he watered them to quickly and with out the drip pan

          I use fabric pots as well with FoxFarm Ocean soil and yes I agree it's hard to overwater using fabric pots. However having said that, they must be allowed to drain on the very bottom as well because if left sitting in the overflow, the container will soak all the water back up. I place mine about 1/2 cm from the ground using thick plastic coat hangers. I slide 2 underneath the 5 gallon fabric pot to allow an air gap at the bottom. I could have bought a rubber/plastic drain mat or similar, but I tend to use things that I have around the house where possible and the coat hangers do just fine.

          If you can't decide on the sizre, go with the middle one...they come in 3, 5 & 7 gallon sizes so get the 5 gallon to be safe.

          Now on another note, if you mean containers for storing cannabis, then glass canning jars (32oz or bigger) are the best.
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            Thanks a lot. Fabric pots are the most wonderful choice because of better absorbing of nutrients and great drainage.


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