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Grow kit or buy pieces separately ?

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    HELP! Grow kit or buy pieces separately ?

    Hello everyone! I am a beginner in growing plants generally and I would need your expertise.

    Should I buy a grow tent kit or the pieces separately???

    I found the following grow kit :

    1x 120x120x200cm Grow Tent that has improved stitching, seams and fabric that stops odours and light escaping your growing area
    1 x Fox Twin Speed Filter Kit that includes a 6″ carbon filter that reduces airborne odours
    1 x 1.1L tub of the award winning odour killing air freshener, Zerum (Wild Strawberry)
    1 x LUNAR 1000w LED unit that produces no heat and produces the perfect light spectrums for growth and flower production
    1 x 50LTR bag of the popular CANNA Coco Natural medium
    1 x 1LTR of Canna Coco A&B nutrient that boost veg and flower growth
    1 x GrowBitz Grow Light Timer that allows users to turn Grow Lights on and off to mimic the natural sunrise and sunset cycle
    1 x pair of heavy duty rope ratchets to hang your carbon filter & fan
    1 x LED hanger

    And I found also :
    1. CoolGrows 36"x36"x72" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Window for Indoor Plant Growing 3'x3'x6'
    2. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics
    3. VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan, Grow Tent Odor Scrubber, Pre-Filter Included, Reversible Flange 6"x 18"
    4. AC Infinity Flexible 6-Inch Aluminum Ducting, Heavy-Duty Four-Layer Protection, 25-Feet Long for Heating Cooling Ventilation and Exhaust
    5. And lighting which I am still searching because I do not know how many actual watts I will need .

    What do you suggest??

    Don’t forget I am a beginner and with a serious problem with leaking odours and not much money to spent.

    hey Marilou last question first..serious problem with leaking odours? Are you meaning leaking out of the tent? or leaking out of the room/house?
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice fishing hut
    2 Viperspectra 600 LED
    45W Root Farm grow/seedling light
    4 Vivosun oscillating fans
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    4" Vivosun fan/filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
    General Hydroponics Flora Series
    Lost Coast Plant Therapy(WPM, Thrips,Mites,Aphids etc)

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      Thank you so much!!!!
      Odours out of the tent!!!! It’s a Huge problem!!! I could be in real trouble!!!! May I ask why two fan/filters? And why one is 6” and the other 4”?


      • dannabinoid
        dannabinoid commented
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        inlet and outlet filters, smell can get out the intake if not filtered?

      • homegrown
        homegrown commented
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        Sorry, was away for the day..My 6"fan/filter is quite capable of cleaning the air from the tent. Keep in mind if you have to open the tent, your gonna smell it. And i just purchased the 4"fan/filter for my last grow/harvest..i had plants still growing in my tent, and buds drying in another room.(they were stinky lol) As far as buying a Kit..i think your second idea is much better. Build around your tent size 1st-lights(should come with hangers) 2nd-fan/filter/and adjustable hangers. 1 or 2 oscillating fans-and maybe start with a soil/perlite grow medium(cheaper and more forgiving jmo). and nutrients, mechanical timer and a PH pen or test kit. should be good to go


      The strain can help you with keeping the smells down as well!


        This is what I got to save time:
        I have 2 of them.
        If you want to grow top shelf bud, do some research:

        Growing since July 21, 2016
        2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes
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        • PRIMO
          PRIMO commented
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          I use a 6" carbon filter, inline fan, for tent exhaust, no odor at all til I open the tent.

        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          No odor from my boxes till I open the door.

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