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    One can certainly take a cutting, root it (10 days) and then plant it under 12/12s and flower it. It may take ~2 weeks to show much. But yes you can. Put the cutting under 12/12s and cut off 10 days since the purpose is to sex the parent and not make a new plant. And then keep it flowering and have an early sample,,, or toss it, or re-veg it,,,


      Thanks for verifying i do alot of reading on google for self teaching me about marijuana. I do notice that 1 article can be completly different than anothers pro and cons so this is a good verification forum for querys cheers mate


        Well.. it’s official I’m just ugh right now. Confirmed the third out of four to be male today.. the last one was the slowest grower.. so I’m holding out on that one but I don’t have any hopes for that one either and i am most definitely questioning the source now


          That's harsh man. Sendin good wishes & vibes your way.


            Thats shat bro i agree with jdu its harsh seen as i did 9 bag seeds this year for my guerilla and backyard outdoor grows 1 turned male but it was my favourite 1 in that laterial branching was at furtherest 3cm apart it was covered in 100s of small baby hand sized leaves it was my 1st plant that i thort was definnitly female it had crossed stipules and awesone female looking structure it looked sativa dominate and it turned out to be the only male ahahah but the one thing it didnt have was any smell all others had some slight smell so maybe im adding that to my instincts spoting a male early NO SMELL other than that 1 thing it grew the same as any other female


              All the plants I start indoors get a month of 18 6 then drop it down to 12 12 as everyone shows me their hairs and balls they come out to the trash or they end up in veg. Wanna see how I get 4 of each that are female...I started 80 seeds a few days ago, 20 of each unknown strain. Today I put 12 of #1 in the dirt this evening...put 10 of number 2 and 18 of 3....number 4 seeds were all duds.

              They will all get 18 6 for a month then go to 1212. I want 4 of each for indoor growing. The males are gone and the excess of females which I hope I get. Will go outside so wish me luck.

              Hope this helps anyone. The reveg doesn't make a difference over one that stays 18 6 in my opinion. We all have different preferences though.
              8 in flower, 4 strains, 2 Indica Dom and 2 sativa dom.
              ​​​​GH full line. Philizon lighting, currently, with lots of supplemental lighting along side.
              8 vegging at a seperate location (sshhh)
              36 3 weeks from seed, here in Canada allowed 4...
              Homemade soil. Bagseed boss.
              2 x opulent systems 4x4x80 tents+1 24x40x48 baby box. here to help/get help, don't be shy to ask
              No one is safe from failure!, As anyone can have the greatest success, they can have the worst failure, regardless of experience.
              Happy growing/consuming 🥴


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