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  • DW2
    Howdy Growgood88, The seeds can be germinated in or on paper towels and then placed into the rockwool cubes (my preferred method). Keeping the water well aerated is important, but keeping the water temperature down below 70° F is important as well. I use ice bottles to keep the water between 65° F and 70° F, changing them out as needed. Also, keeping ALL light out of the reservoir is important to help prevent algae and root rot from starting.
    Good luck on Your grow.

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  • Growgood88
    started a topic New to hydroponics advice?

    New to hydroponics advice?

    I have recently made a leap into growing in dwc. I'm waiting on some seeds to arrive .I have some cheapo rockwool starters no humidity dome I know how to germinate and place in rockwool. My question is where to go from there without the dome and when to put into hydrotron Peebles? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.. I'm not new to growing only new to dwc. I have a 3 and half gallon with 5 in netpot and another homemade but it's made good . I'll be using gh Flora trio. Thanks for friendly advice. Also I ordered a pump for my homemade bucket and it has 2 small blue stones if I t them both in same bucket is that enough with small stones the pump is powerful enough. Just wondering about the little blue stones I've heard bad about them hoping to make 2 work considering budget but I don't want to waste time if it's not

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