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    HYDRO Repurpose lights?

    I just got 3 12in x 48in led shop lights, I was wondering if I can use them in my room to supplement my grow lights. Does the led need to be manufactured specific for growing plants? Either they go in my room or my garage, just wanted to know if it’s worth the supplemental light for the girls? The fixture says it’s 34watts if that matter
    DWC hydroponic system 18”x36”x72” cabinet
    400w single ended hps (veg)
    7’l 3’w 7’h 600w single ended hps (bloom).
    Using advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow A+B and sensi bloom A+B and orca microbes.
    1st grow OG 13 - 2nd grow Durban poison, Cinderella- 3rd currently bloom white fire og- 4th grow currently veg Bruce banner, gorilla glue- seeds on deck super lemon haze.

    I vegged some with LED shoplights & they did fine. I had them in my last grow flowering but they ran so damn hot that I put em away for this one. Walmart specials, 4ft 5000 lumens about $20 each.


    • Rj420
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      Maybe I will hook them up for the cold months. My led grow light gives off no heat and I’m battling the cold in a un-heated Michigan basement. Maybe a twofold benefit

    • JDU
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      There ya go!! 👍

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