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Welcome to Our New Growing Forum!!!

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    Welcome to Our New Growing Forum!!!

    well-trimmed-bud-in-hand-platinum-j1.jpgWelcome Fellow Marijuana Grower! We're glad you joined us!

    There's not a whole lot of people yet, but we're hoping to change that soon! The purpose of this forum is to allow growers from around the world to share their growing knowledge, pictures and videos with each other. Please post anything related to growing marijuana!

    We can't wait to see your plants and help you with your questions, but there are just a few quick rules:
    1. No spam or advertising - We do want to hear which brands and products you're using! Just please do not promote products you personally sell or make money from.
    2. No buying, selling or trading seeds, clones, buds, equipment, services, etc. in the forum.
    3. Please be nice - We're trying to be respectful to all people, so we can build a great community where everyone is welcome, and we need your help!
    That's it! Learn How to Grow Weed Here:

    Happy growing!

    Nebula Haze

    P.S. If you're ever having trouble with someone in the forum, you can "Flag" the user using the flag icon in the lower right of each post. Let us know what happened and we'll sort it for you! Click image for larger version

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    I have been an avid follower of Nebula for over 6 months now and cannot wait to contribute to her forum.

    I did a large fill and drain hydro grow in the late 70's. King size waterbed liners filled with pea gravel, MH lamps, CO2, mostly Miracle Gro lawn food with some additives from a commercial hydro-lettuce operation nearby. PH up = baking soda, PH down = muriatic acid. Bag weed genetics from Panama Red, Acapulco Gold and Michoacán - not crossed or anything just planted. I wish I still had these genetic lines! CO2 control = go in room, hold breath crank open the two 100# tanks, count to 10, close them and leave the room. I did have fans to keep it mixed up. It was very successful based on the standards of the day. The smell of those ladies blooming had me close down after just one grow and a week or so early. When I vented the room at night the whole neighborhood smelled of sweet cannabis. When one of my roommates came home from the local pub and said he could smell my plants inside the bar over the cigarettes; we cut’em down.

    Boy have we come a long, long way since then!

    I have a bad disc in my back and have been prescribed cannabis to help with the pain. So I decided to grow some high CBD content weed. Of course bubbleponics is the logical extension to my past success. Here we grow again.

    Thank you NebulaHaze


      In some forums the mere mention of a product by name, is considered advertising and is unacceptable unless they sponsor the site. Some things work well for me and others, not so much. May I speak freely about my personal experiences with specific products? If not, I won't, but I would like to know because this is now my ONLY forum site to discuss growing.
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        Originally posted by Flockshot View Post
        In some forums the mere mention of a product by name, is considered advertising and is unacceptable unless they sponsor the site. Some things work well for me and others, not so much. May I speak freely about my personal experiences with specific products? If not, I won't, but I would like to know because this is now my ONLY forum site to discuss growing.
        I think one difference between this forum and other ones is we don't have a vested interest in selling any specific product. What matters here is making sure growers are successful, which means we want the forums to be as accurate as possible. And on top of that, we want to know which products work the best so we can put them on the website!

        So to answer your question, yes! We allow and encourage people to talk about which products they use and what's working and not working for them!

        At the same time, we don't want to allow blatant advertising or people lying to try to push a scammy product instead of letting growers talk about it naturally, because that's just as bad. I think we're going to have to take it on a case by case basis when it comes to figuring out what's actually advertising and what's not, but I know the forum will help weigh in so we do it right!


          Happy to be here looks good!!


            Aloha from Hawaii... Glad to be here.


              Nebula and Sirius have given me so much knowledge about growing that has helped me so much, I could only try to help others to try to pass it along! Together as a community we can do amazing things. Reading stories about others successful grows and triumphant victories over life struggles gives me great pride to walk the same earth as other great people. Keep up the great work, much love!


                This should be fun. Thanks for all that you do!


                  This is going to be great. Thank You so much for doing this. My daughter and I have learned so much from your always right on the money tips. This form is perfect place to get experienced help and pass on ideas that worked.


                    Love this forum! There are no egos or heated "debates", only solid and helpful information that have helped me with a couple of successful grows. I don't give advice because there are more experienced growers here that have more knowledge. Keep it up!


                      Thanks for this forum and I hope the knowledge rubs off
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                        I'm happy to be here reading and learning from others that share my passion, growing great pot. I recently discovered Nebula Haze and was impressed by the great information on growweedeasy website. I've been growing for over 10 years (soil/mh/hps) and 3 weeks into flowering my first hydro grow.


                          Thank you soooo much for getting this started..... Other forums were rather opinionated...

                          Completed my first grow this spring, and for a first timer, I call it a success. I didn't get a ton of bud, but what I got I really like. I'm a medical user and usually only take one good hit, it sets my pain aside and that's all I really want.

                          Have lots of info from GWE and can't wait for February so I can go again. I live in SE Arizona, grow outdoors in closed cabinets for light control and stealth, temps won't allow a summer grow and December January may freeze, so my season is February May. Learned that when my second crop literally burnt up, 100+ outdoors.
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                            Welcome Fellow Marijuana Grower! We're glad you joined us!

                            Happy to be here. I'm a relative newcomer, and have used GWE as a "true source" for much of what I "know" about growing weed. Almost ready for my second harvest of legal, personal use cannabis. This one is shaping up to be better than the last, and much of the reason for that can be laid at these doorsteps. This will be fun.


                              I have been reading the material for over two years now along with the weekly tutorials and have learned so much from this sourceof information. I have had two not very successful soil grows and one hydro grow with CFL's which turned out better. Now I am doing my first two manifold grows and they are going very well and are in the first week of flowering. I am really thankful for the GWE community and this new forum as it is my sole source as a totally stealth grower. Happy to be here. Thanks Nebula and sirius.


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